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For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Mar 18 - 24, 2002

*** "... so long as it continues to employ such tactics against countries such as Cuba and continues to back repugnant and brutal massacres that its ally Israel carries out against the Palestinian people."

(Cuban President Fidel Castro asking the US to dismantle 'Mafia of terrorists' in Miami saying that it lacks the moral authority to terrorism as the US itself continues to employ such tactics against other countries)

*** "THE PENTAGON needs to be prepared to use nuclear weapons against China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria."

(Excerpts of a classified Pentagon report published by Los Angeles Times saying that the Bush administration has directed the military to prepare plans to use nuclear weapons against at least seven countries)

*** "WITHOUT NOTICE, without a hearing, without a warrant, without probable cause, without statutory authority, and without any rational basis."

(Lawsuit filed by US-based Muslim charity, Holy Land Foundation, challenging the freezing of its assets by the American government)

*** "The vice president told me: 'As far as I am concerned, you can even hang him.'"

(Israeli Defence Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer quoting what US Vice President Dick Cheney's told him during talks in Washington)

*** "... my administration has an obligation to the American people, to put measures in place, that should somebody be successful in attacking Washington D.C., there's an ongoing government."

(US President George W. Bush telling reporters about the 'shadow' government working Since September 11)

*** "MY DAILY SCHEDULE has been so tight that I don't have time to think about these ideas, or even go to toilet, or watch TV."

(Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra trying to deflect heavy media criticism over reports of issuing an 'insane order' to probe journalists' saying that he has no time for 'nonsense' matters)

*** "IF THEY'RE connected to the Internet they can be used to transmit threats and attack targets, just as any computer can."

(Director of research at US anti-virus software maker saying that it is technically possible now that mobile phones are as prone to be 'hacked' as PC and are next target for viruses)

*** "THIS IS the policy of the big stick, a nuclear stick intended to intimate us and put us in our place."

(Influential member of Russian parliament, Dmitry Rogozin, criticizing a report of US contingency plans to use nuclear weapons against at least seven countries including Russia)

*** "BLAIR CAN'T bring himself to admit that a roaring, uncontrollable America sees him as an ornamental extra: nice to have, but inessential ... The greatest defeat of British foreign policy is the loss of the illusion that London influences Washington."

(Political commentator Nick Cohen criticizing British Prime Minister Tony Blair's policy of doing all the giving amidst and yet been embarrassed by slapping of tariffs on foreign steel imports by the US putting thousands of jobs at risk in the UK)

*** "... one has the impression that he (Bush) has a sparrow's brain in a dinosaur's head. That's why we must be vigilant about the accusations of this supercilious man."

(Iran's influential former president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani rebutting US President George W. Bush's comments of 'axis of evil')

*** "IT IS A STUPID and useless war and it would be better to stop it immediately. My people have always fought for freedom and democracy."

(Exiled king of Afghanistan Zaher Shah denouncing the US-led war in his country. He is expected to return to Afghanistan this month depending on threat to personal safety)

*** "Corruption and inefficiency remained acute, despite reform initiated by the Musharraf government."

(US State Department country report for 2001 saying that the human rights situation in Pakistan has remained poor. Pakistan has rejected the report)