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 Company Profile 

eWorld Internet Services

Mar 11 - 17, 2002


eWorld's vision is to explore, extend and implement the power and use of a networked world for the empowerment of people and businesses.


Our mission is to enable our customers to easily and effectively communicate, educate, entertain and do business through superior Internet and network services.

Corporate Philosophy

"Technology is a Tool, People make the Difference".

Corporate Background

Established in 1999, eWorld (Pvt) Ltd is a nationwide License holder of Electronic Information in Pakistan. As a quality-conscious and service oriented company, we believe in providing the best service possible for our customers.

eWorld offers its customers a wide range of connectivity options. Whether it is wireless, dedicated, or dial-up service, whether it is connecting to the Internet for a couple of hours a month, or transmitting gigabytes of data over private networks, customers are provided with exactly what they need at the best possible price.

What sets us apart from many other ISPs is our focus on the Internet/Network segment of the IT market. Our services include several dial-up and dedicated solutions to meet the needs of corporate sector as well as of individual users.

As an innovative Internet Service Provider, eWorld offers an array of great service and features many of which are not offered anywhere in Karachi.

Services & Features

• DDP Accounts: With a dedicated dial-up port, you will never receive a busy signal and will never run out of hours. Connect your LAN with a single modem and leave it connected for a full month.

• ISDN-BRI (64k & 128k): With ISDN-BRI, you will enjoy a complete end-to-end digital connection for better performance. You will receive a dedicated port and an unlimited access for an entire month. This is provided on ABR basis.

Multi-link: For bigger and better connectivity, our multi-link will enable you to connect two modems on your single machine to form a single pipe for your LAN. For example, two modems connected at 33.6kbps will give you connectivity of better than 64kbps. This can also be configured for an ISDN line with two channels for a total connectivity of 128kbps.

•Internet Via Satellite: Get 64kbps/128kbps or higher on CIR basis. This means that you are guaranteed the connectivity speed. We will provide you with a complete solution from initial equipment required, installation, service initiation and an uplink account depending upon your needs. You will get great connectivity and service that you can count on. We will get you up and running in few days.

• Simultaneous Logins - Now you can connect your one account from multiple places simultaneously. Let your family connect from home while you connect from work, all at the same time!

•Multiple Mail IDs - When you want to provide individual and personalized eMail IDs to your employees, we have a solution that is right for you. Each eMail ID comes with a POP access and is accessible through Web as well! Child Accounts - With one parent account, you can have multiple child account for each Internet user in your family. Every child account is a complete Internet account with its own eMail ID.

•Email-Only Dial-up Accounts: If you are want to keep your employee connected and informed thru email but don't want them to waste time on the Internet, eMail-Only dial-up account is ideal. It will control cost, save time and money and increase productivity of your overall organization.

• Web-based and POP eMail Access - Global access to eMail on Web and ease of receiving your emails in Outlook Express or any of your favorite mail client.

All of the above has been made possible due to the relentless efforts and leadership of the management, hard work and dedication of a team of professionals, state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, customer-oriented focus and continued support of our valued corporate and residential clients.

Our Corporate Services Department can help tailor a cost-effective solution to varied clients from all sectors of business. Whether you are running a software house, distribution agency, financial -up accounts, visit our Internet Stop Shop located on first floor in Park Towers, Clifton or visit our website at www.eworld.net.pk to locate a dealer near you.

Founder & CEO: Saif-Ur-Rahman

Mr. Saif-Ur-Rahman is a technology enthusiast and an entrepreneur with a combined experience of more than twelve years in the field of finance and computer programming/networking. He holds an MBA from Adelphi University, NY, a post-graduate degree in Accounting as well as several certificates in computer languages and networking.

As a chief executive, he has worked hard to foster a friendly and productive environment in his company. He is responsible for the overall corporate strategy, strategic relationships, equipment and software selection, high-level business development and overseeing Marketing and Business Development as well as the day-to-day operations of the company. Under his direction, eWorld has become a fast growing Internet solutions company in an extremely competitive marketplace. He takes great pride in the achievements of eWorld both on the technical and the marketing frontier. Today, his company boast of many features not offered by any ISP and is proud to offer corporate services comparable to any top-class ISP.