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Mar 11 - 17, 2002

It's Time!: Major change has aroused in the worldwide speculation related to each and every aspect of life. Unstoppable changes where too much is to be ingrained too soon in our gray matter. If unable to apprehend, results are filled with despair.

Background: Information Technology has aided us to incorporate our undermining issues pertaining to our current delusion of knowledge. The world today is looking to Information Technology that's why it is being considered as fundamental as Mathematics and Science in our education system also. Being aware of the importance of comprehensive knowledge of computer technologies, almost all well-known and renowned schools of the town have the facility of computer studies with high aims. Unfortunately it has been noted that schools are not obtaining befitting results.

A study of the outcome of our existing computer education system at school level shows that computer training/ studies at school level has no market value. Actually schools do not bridge the computer studies at school level and IT courses at professional level. There are various flaws in the computer training of children at school level.

S IT E @ School The Only Solution: In order to make our vision a reality, a program namely S IT E Standardized IT Education at School Level is designed at KalPoint.com for its dissemination at school level. We took the initiative to incorporate the slackness of the system with a very feasible program to inculcate positive upbringing of the young minds.

S IT E @ School The Vision:

*We have developed a very Legitimate, Immaculate and Standardized Information Technology Education program at school level, to provide proper IT Education with appropriate tools.

*Our desire is to knit the schools of the town in a comprehensive and interactive network of IT Education System and to develop a link between school IT education with professional IT education.

*We plan to introduce Career oriented IT Education at school level

SITE Objectives:

*To design & develop an IT education system for primary & secondary schools levels.

*To standardize and improve the existing standards of computer education in schools

*To level knowledge of students to come up to the requirements for future professional studies to create an e-bridge between IT education imparted in schools and professional

Organizations With S IT E @ School: We have incorporated with known National and Multinational Organizations to stipulate our SITE project more effectively. The organizations are mentioned here under

  •  Karachi City Government

  •  Sindh Board Of Technical Education (SBTE)

  •  FourthR Inc. (U.S.A.)

  •  International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

  •  Skills Development Council (SDC)

  •  British Computer Society UK

  •  Institute Of Certified E Commerce Consultants USA (ICECC)

  •  NICAS (U.K.)

  •  MILC UK

Program Details: We have made it a point to bring you the world's best organizations at your doorstep, a system that would rejuvenate a new educational era where time and energy would be saved and matters would be dealt authentically without any hassle. We have planned out the following two versions for schools. Both of them have their own significance and are molded according to students' development pattern.

  •  Regular version

  •  Optional version

Salient Feature of Regular Version:

1. Well-designed Regular Curriculum, in collaboration of FourthR. Inc. USA & Certification / endorsement by the Sindh Board Of Technical Education
2. Credit of school IT education in advance IT studies.
3. Comprehensively prepared Text Books cum Work Books for each level.
4. Teacher Resource books for each level to deliver uniform quality of education
5. Teacher Training program for computer teachers
6. Immaculate Quality Assurance System.
7. Appropriate and easily accessible software for kids training.
8. Honorary membership of Int'l Society of Technology in education (ISTE)
9. Support and services system
10. Professional Consultancy.
11. Promotion of IT culture by IT based extra curricular activities in school.
12. Leasing and financial services to update the computer labs

Salient Feature of Optional Version:

* Additional Equivalence and credit of regular curriculum by SDC also

* Additional certification of regular curriculum by NICAS UK also

* Thoroughly formulated Optional Curriculum for advance studies, Certification/Accreditation/Credit by the recognized bodies, government and International.

Details of Regular Version:

*A Regular curriculum: A Regular curriculum is designed from class I to class VIII which, covers the following technologies:

Basic terminology and concepts, Basic programming, usage of Windows environment, Microsoft applications, Internet and E mail, Desktop Publishing, Graphics and Multimedia

The curriculum is equivalent to Computer Literacy Program of Sindh Board Of Technical Education and endorsed by SBTE

*Credit of school IT education in advance IT studies: Regular Curriculum will have a credit in Certificate In Information Technology (CIT), Diploma In Information Technology (DIT) and Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) (DBA has equivalence of Intermediate)

*Comprehensively prepared TextBooks cum WorkBooks for each level.: Exclusively designed comprehensive textbooks for curriculum will be utilized as the prescribed textbooks and workbooks for computer education at school level. These books will also have activities / assessments / assignments / projects details. The usage of work- books will save the time and efforts.

*Teacher Resource books for each level: Teacher resources books have been developed for each level to deliver a uniform quality education. Teacher resources books contain all about teaching a specific level in classroom as well as in lab

*Teacher Training program for computer teachers: A regular and comprehensive Teachers Training program is designed having the details of basic teaching techniques, learning styles, assessment techniques, learning through activities, lesson planning, child psychology and utilization of computer as a teaching tool etc. This program will be conducted with liaison of the FourthR on frequent basis to improve the teaching skills of computer teachers.

*Designing Quality Assurance System: A comprehensive quality Assurance System is designed to monitor the performance of the students as well as teachers and also to obtain proper feedback from the users for the improvement of the newly developed system.

*The system determines all quality-related issues.

*A well-trained support executive personnel will be available to assist and co ordinate with the school in implementing the program on regular basis.

*Appropriate software for kids training: Various appropriate and comprehensive software are arranged and designed for elementary classes to support the regular curriculum.

*Supports and Services: The system will enable us to have a close relationship with the member schools. Following services will be available to member schools:

*To provide online services in between Schools and Kalpoint.com.

*To offer optional courses for weekend and summer vacation with certification facility and credit to other courses

*Interactive website designing (online homework and results)

*School management software for member schools.

*To help in recruitment of IT teachers.

*To help in setting up computer labs [layout, interior designing, furnishing & technical support].

*To provide support for hardware maintenance.

*To organize IT workshops, Seminars and Study Tours etc.

*Promotion of IT culture by IT based extra curricular activities in schools: 1. Competitions. 2. Quiz. 3. Seminars . 4. Presentations. 5. E Commerce demo. 6. Visit to ISPs, dot com companies & software houses. 7. Computer Activity Games.

* Professional Consultancy: 1. Professional consultancy will be available for member schools in all IT related areas such as Networking solution, Software Designing, Library Information System, Automated Attendance system etc.

2. Professional consultancy pertaining HR and Management area will also be provided.

*Leasing and financial services: Financial Services will be provided to upgrade the labs and infrastructure of the schools. These services will be given on very competitive terms.

SITE @ Schools - Optional Version: 1. Additional Equivalence and credit of regular curriculum by SDC also

2. Additional certification of regular curriculum by NICAS UK also

3. Thoroughly formulated Optional Curriculum for advance studies, Certification/Accreditation/Credit by the recognized bodies, government and International.

*Additional Equivalence & credit of Regular Curriculum

Additional equivalence and credit of regular curriculum is also offered by Skills Development Council. Regular curriculum will have a credit in the Certificate in Information Technology by SDC.

Additional Cretification

Additional certification is also offered by NICAS UK

*Thoroughly formulated optional curriculums for advance studies: 1. Computer Literacy Program [CLP]. 2. Web Literacy Program [WLP]. 3. Junior Programming Modules [JPM]. 4. Chartered IT / IS (BCS professional Exams) first year . 5. Certified Web Page Manager (CWPM). 6. Courses from Fourth R Pakistan [US franchiser]. 7. International Computer Driving Licenses [ICDL]

Certification /Accreditation by recognized bodies Govt. & Intl'

All curriculums are principally approved by the Government Bodies. Hence the certificates will be awarded as under :





 Junior Programming Module


 Web Page Manager


 BCS Professional Exam


 FourthR Courses

FourthR Inc. USA

 ICDL / ECDL Courses


Costing: To promote IT education in the schools and to give Pakistan a firm and concrete IT base, a very nominal cost will be charged. The cost of the system will vary and will depend on the number of students. As on average, monthly fee per student will be Rs. 20/- only.

Existing IT System V/S S.I.T.E @ Schools
Why do you need SITE @ Schools?

The absence of few basic elements in our existing system has motivated us to make our vision of S.IT.E @Schools into a reality. Below is the comparison between Existing and S.I.T.E Systems.

Existing IT System

S.IT.E @ Schools

  • No certifications to aid in Professional studies

  • Approved and worldwide accepted Certifications

  • No standardized IT Education in schools

  • Standardized IT education for schools

  • No teacher training

  • Teacher training @ international standards

  • No teacher resource books

  • Level wise teacher resource books

  • No proper books / workbooks available

  • Proper books / workbooks for IT studies

  • No proper software for kids

  • Properly designed software for kids

  • No IT management

  • Effective IT management

Summary of the Benefits: We have formulated a system best for child's mental capacity and understanding and hatched up a feasible technique for schools to keep themselves updated and to be able to offer the best to their students.

*Standardized IT education at schools

*Award of Certificates by SBTE, SDC, BCS, ICECC & NICAS UK

*Transferable Credit in SBTE, SDC, BCS UK & ICECC USA

*Free of cost Registration with SBTE

*Teachers training at international standards of FourthR

*Optional modules for advance studies

*Use of schools computer labs as Institutes

*Quality Assurance system at school premises

*Continuous Up-gradation by local & internationally recognized bodies


Human mind is like a machine, which can inculcate various concepts per microsecond. We just need to act and incline it towards the right direction at the right time. If we all desire to have a better future then we have to sow the seeds today for a better tomorrow. Information Technology is at the pinnacle of attainments for mankind today and would remain at the edge of massive enhancements in the coming years as well, this is the right choice.