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There are numerous opportunities within the coconut sector in which small-scale producers can add value to coconut through product diversification, technology improvements and enhanced market access. Production of coconut sugar is one of them. It was observed that the income of coconut farmers is five times higher if they tap the tree and process the sap into sugar rather than depend only on its fruit. Traditionally, it a cottage industry in the Philippines and has been a source of brisk income to augment the measly wage of coconut farmers. Charcoal making, handicrafts are some of the large number of traditional products that could be derived from coconut fruits and trees. It is a "no-waste tree" as even its waste products provide ample opportunity to augment farmers' income.


ecognizing and awarding the best performing companies is good. However, efforts should be made to ensure dividend payment by those companies which often deprive their shareholders. This can only be made possible by improving corporate governance.

Pakistan has entered into a new era of economic prospects after September 11, 2001 in which economic fundamentals are not as worse as being perceived. Economic managers had made mistakes in the past but efforts should be made not to repeat the same.

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