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By Ejaz Hassan
Managing Director, Synectiv Pakistan

Feb 26 - Mar 04, 2001

Synectiv Pakistan is a fresh and professional approach towards providing complete cellular solution under one roof in Pakistan. Our mission is to be the number one cellular products distributor in Pakistan with strong distribution network and to be the most credible and innovative company with complete and effective after sales support.

Pakistan is an emerging market for cellular products and mobile phone usage is expected to grow by at least 100 per cent in the year 2001. During the last couple of years, consumer has become more conscious about quality. Synectiv aims to connect Pakistan with modern changes through this sophisticated way of communication.

Synectiv main focus is pro-active customer services, aggressive roll out plan in terms of retail outlets within Pakistan and customer convenience (one stop shop). With the grace of Allah, we have been quite successful in meeting our objectives so far and are hopeful that once our plans are fully implemented, everyone would say:

Synectiv — Power to Connect People: At our display centers, one can get an exclusive range of world's top brands of mobile handsets with one year warranty, high tech genuine accessories, on the spot connection of either GSM, AMPS or TDMA, choice of cost-free customized solution, authorized service center and ever welcoming courteous staff. Some of these features differentiate us from other mobile distributors in Pakistan.

Looking into the last few months development of the communication industry, it is quite evident that all these operators are now targeting the lower segment of the market and also focusing the generation X. Specially after the launch of CPP (calling party pay), a very positive step taken by the government, mobile industry has taken a sharp turn from status symbol to necessity.

Synectiv always welcome a change which can bring revolution in the industry and therefore, very much hopeful about the arrival of another GSM operator in Pakistan that will help consumer to choose the right services according to their need.

On the other hand, current GSM operator continues to extend its coverage and services with more and more value-added features, which attracts people from all walks of life. AMPS operators are also changing their strategies and moving from AMPS to TDMA in order to provide more services to their customers.

We at synectiv are determined to work closely with all the operators and help them meeting their objectives by providing variety of handsets and accessories. We are ready to meet the market demand and geared up to provide complete cellular solution. At the same time our step towards the franchising will ensure the success of our company.

Synectiv Pakistan (Pvt) Limited: Company profile: Synectiv Pakistan is a young and professional approach towards cellular phone distribution in Pakistan. With its head office in the United Kingdom, synectiv has over 5 years of international experience in mobile handset distribution. The company is also very well positioned to distribute cellular products, with in-depth knowledge of the Pakistan Cellular market, strong business contacts and firm financial strength.

The company being of U.K. origin is strategically placed to import mobile phones into Pakistan through official channel with the help of network operators and mobile phone manufacturers.

Synectiv management of young and dynamic MBA's professional with sound international cellular distribution experience, having successfully worked with manufacturers and network operators to develop handset brands and distribution capabilities. The company has a good understanding of cellular pros and cons in Pakistan and has been suitably groomed to meet the future challenges of cellular mass marketing potential in Pakistan.

Despite of the very new entry in Pakistani Cellular Market, synectiv has been quite successful in achieving its annual target in just 6 months, creating brand awareness, maintaining the company image, market reputation and above all, consumer perception.

The company has a core business profile in the following areas:

  • Mobile Phone / Handsets distribution

  • Accessories

  • Connections / Subscription

  • Service / Repairs

Our main customer propositions are:


  • 12 months warranty on mobile phone / handsets

  • Professionally trained Customer Service Staff

  • High quality ambiance and environment of international standards

  • Effective and reliable after sales support


  • Widest selection of genuine Handsets and Accessories

  • Subscription of GSM / Amps connections

  • Convenience

  • Instant connection

  • Every under one roof (one stop shop for cellular needs)

  • Accessibility (open till late hours)
  • The company is now focusing on building-up the strong distribution network within Pakistan and by the end of this year, major cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Rawalpindi would be covered with synectiv Display Centers to provide compete solution to cellular needs across the country.

Mission statement

  • To have synectiv established as the largest cellular products distributor in Pakistan with strong distribution network throughout the dealer market place.

  • To become the most reliable, credible and innovate company with complete after sales support in cellular industry.

  • To become the first choice of cellular consumer (end-user), retailer, wholesaler and cellular operators in Pakistan.