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Feb 26 - Mar 04, 2001

ANWEBS is an internet design firm that specializes in implementing technology solutions to improve communications and productivity for small businesses.

We help you in every step of the way to create and publish your site. From site creation, to connecting you with an ISP (Internet Service Provider), to uploading your files, and submitting your site to search engines, we are there with you. If you would like, we can even show you how to update your site, or we can maintain it for you. With a team consisting of certified professionals in state-of-the-art internet development technologies, ANWEBS is in an ideal position to provide the quality of service you are looking for.

Building a Website: Building a website involves more than just writing some eloquent text and scanning a few pictures. In order to successfully implement this new medium, a thorough understanding of your company's business objectives and marketing strategies is required. With this knowledge, a website can be designed that will tightly integrate with your current strategies and will provide a new level of synergy.

Project phases

  • Consultation — During this phase of the project we discuss the needs and objectives of your company, and how they can be best served by this new medium.

  • Proposal — with an understanding of your goals, we develop a strategy to meet those needs. At this early stage ideas are mainly conceptual. The project scope and timelines are defined and the pricing structure is explained. Upon agreement, a contract is usually attached, fixing the site development costs.

  • Design — At this stage, page layout, content, site navigation, and visual appeal begin to take form. Customized graphics and animations are developed as necessary. Programming solutions can be implemented to improve user interaction, to handle forms, or to process data for database queries or transaction processing.

  • Final proposal — A final review is held with the client and a pseudo "live" demonstration of the website is performed. Final corrections and tuning are performed as necessary.

  • The Launch — Successful launching of an internet site involves registration with all the major search engines and an integration with existing print mediums such as letterheads, business cards, brochures... Reciprocating links should be formed with business alliances already on the Internet. Active participation in relevant newsgroups is encouraged to further promote your site in online communities. There is nothing magical about being on the Internet. Hard work and a business sense are still required in order to succeed.

  • Maintenance — All sites need periodic maintenance to update content and keep the site fresh. Maintenance can also include reports on the website statistics. These statistics can provide valuable information about the site and the people accessing it. This information can be used to fine tune the site and can be used to assist in gathering marketing data.

  • Pricing: "Each and every client is unique". Many factors can influence the overall cost of developing a website including the development of custom graphics, custom programming, the creation of multimedia files for video and audio, database implementation and site security. Typically, the more dynamic and interactive the site the greater the initial cost to develop the site. With these factors in mind, pricing is best handled by contacting us. After an initial consultation to determine the scope of the project, we will develop a cost effective strategy for implementation on the Internet. At this point in time a contract is typically assigned, thereby fixing the development costs. Our pricing is extremely competitive, but our creativity and enthusiasm are unmatched. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how the Internet can be used to benefit your company please contact us.

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