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!title9.jpg (38598 bytes)Telecommunication infrastructure is the very backbone of IT industry. A fast, reliable and secure data transmission network is imperative for the development of the IT. In Pakistan the telecom services is provided by state-owned PTCL which despite registering tremendous profits fail to invest in latest infrastructure to better facilitate value added services to play its due role to support and promote IT. PAGE takes a closer look.



The Bank is a collaboration between the public and private sectors, international donors and community organizations. The broad-based ownership structure is a reflection of the social consciousness and support of the commercial banks for the poverty alleviation drive. The Bank aims at ensuring women's greater access to financial institutions. Out of the eight members of the Board two are women.

In its efforts to promote the export of non traditional items, the present government of Gen. Musharraf has rightly identified and focused attention on export of defence products. During the current month Pakistan has finalised 2 accords for sale of arms produced by Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) worth 40 million US dollars. Shamim A. Rizvi, reports from Islamabad.