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Company Profile

Feb 19 - 25, 2001

The project was sanctioned in the year 1981 by Investment Promotion Bureau, under Ministry of Industries, Government of Pakistan, for manufacturing of various type of telecommunication cables for supply to M/s Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (formerly PT&T).

The plant has capacity to produce 502,000 CCKM of various size of cables in single shift per year.

PTCL was incorporated in the private sector as public limited company under companies ordinance 1984 duly enlisted in the Karachi Stock Exchange and Lahore Stock Exchange. The project is being run under technical collaboration with M/s Furukawa Electric Company Limited, Japan.

The project was financed by M/s Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation (PICIC) and M/s Bankers Equity Limited (BEL), for foreign currency components and local currency components, respectively.

The commercial production started in July-1987, since then various contracts awarded against international tenders for supply of Telecommunication Cables to M/s Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited and performed successfully.

Since July-1988, the project is owned and run by a well known Saudi Group namely "AL-RAEE GROUP" having their industrial establishment in the city of Riyadh & Jeddah Saudi Arabia and in various cities of Pakistan including Islamabad and Karachi.

The company has announced its financial results for the year ended 30th June, 2000.

Financial Results

During the year the company earned a total profit after taxation of Rs. 37,014,689/-. The management has declared a dividend @10% of the holding of the valued members.

Current year profit has reduced the accumulated loss of previous year. The appropriation of the same is as follows:

Net Profit after provision of tax

Rs. 37,014,689.00

Proposed for dividend

Rs. 21,000,000.00

Accumulated loss brought forwarded

Rs 203,309,744.00

Accumulated loss carried forwarded

Rs. 187,295,055.00

The management had disclosed in the preceding year annual report that the company expected a tremendous increase in the sale, which it was able to achieve accordingly this year as is reflected by an increase of 629% in net sale as compared with net sale of Rs. 83.9 million of preceding year. Gross profit of Rs. 57.419 million was achieved with a margin of 10.88% over the net sale value of Rs. 527.77 million.

Company’s operation & prospects

Marketing: During the year ended 30th June 2000, the company has successfully executed the following contracts awarded by M/s Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.

S. No. Contract No. Date Gross Value
1. Pur.3-3/98/1089 05-05-99 450,530,220/-
2. Pur.3-3/98/1089/ Addend. 13-12-99 95,611,471/-
3. Pur.3-3/99/1097 23-12-99 54,990,617/-

Further contracts worth Rs. 256.00 million were subsequently completed during July 2000 to January 2001, whereas the current contract worth Rs. 64.4 million is under production and supply. The result of these activities will appear in the ensuing year report.

Two bids submitted by the company are also under evaluation with the authority of M/s. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd., and hopefully we expect these will be finalized by end Feb/Mar 2001 resulting in generating new orders to the tune of Rs 350.00 million approximately

Settlement with financial institutions: The banks re-structured debts related to L.T/T.F.C. of NBP, UBL & HBL alongwith R.F/T.R account of HBL are being paid in regular installment and only 12 installments worth Rs. 9.4 million are outstanding for payment by 31-12-2001. The company's achievement in settlement of bank’s loans has reduced the financial cost to a great level from 17.2 million (1999) to 1.9 million (2000).

Funds injection: As against experience in the preceding year, Al-Hamdolillah company was successful in meeting all its financing through its own business by generating sufficient funds, consequently no further funds required to be injected by the Directors as had been the practice since the past few years.

General: The company has made capital investment to the extent of Rs. 11.9 million towards development of land and building, renovation/acquisition of plant and machinery, vehicles and generators etc. Furthermore;

— Issue of right shares has also been finalized.
— Liquidity ratio between current assets to current liabilities has considerably improved to 1.5:1 to satisfy the requirement as laid by SBP’s in this respect.

Comments on auditor’s report

Auditors, for first time in the history of the project have not raised the issue of going concern in their report. Significant achievement of the company made during the year are highlighted as under.

— The management raised equity through issuing of right shares of Rs 180.00 million.
— Bank debts have been liquidated except out-standing amount of Rs 9.4 million as stated above.
— Generation of Net Fund for Rs. 38.20 million against operating activities.