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By Syed M.Aslam
Feb 19 - 25, 2001

*** "IT WOULD NOT get any of us anywhere if I rushed to (the office) and got all flustered without receiving reports."

(Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori responding to critism for his late response after learning a US submarine's collision with a Japanese fishing boat and choosing to continue play golf)

*** "Because the closed-circuit telecast of my execution raises these fundamental equal access concerns, and because I am otherwise not opposed to such a telecast . . . hold a true 'public execution- allow a public broadcast.'"

(Timothy McVeigh, convicted for 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 16 people, wants his scheduled May 16 execution to be broadcast on television)

*** "THE ADMINISTRATION IS BIASED and communal. Relief is being denied to Muslims and the lower castes."

(One of several hundred angry demonstrators, mostly Muslims, accusing the radical Hindu groups particularly the RSS for stealing the aid meant for the quake survivors in Bhuj, India and funnelling it to supporters)

*** "AS FAR AS KASHMIR is concerned, the need of the hour is to survey the hearts and minds of the people, not some superficial body count of people living in slavery."

(Chairman of pro-independence All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Professor Abdul Gani Butt, rejecting the census in Indian-held Kashmir)

*** "HE WAS TRYING to play the Africans against the Asian and Latin American members in NAM but it just didn't work."

(An unnamed Asian diplomat commenting on the proposal made by the outgoing US Ambassador to the UN, Rochard Holbrooke, urging African nations to breakaway from the Non-Aligned Movement)

*** "THEY WILL HAVE all justifications to choose resistance and not peace because Sharon, like all other Israeli leaders, is not a man of peace."

(Mousa Abu Marzouk, a politburo member of Islamic movement Hamas, saying that the election of radical Ariel Sharon as Israeli prime minister necessitates Arabs to reconsider their previous policies and to abandon the peace process which gave them nothing during 10 years of negotiations)

*** "I LIKE having a good brain. I like being able to learn fast. But I do not put a lot of stock in genes and don't think being smart makes anyone a good person."

(Doron Blake, one of America's first 'designer babies' meant with an IQ of 180, on turning 28 and being confused about his identity)

*** "IF YOU PEOPLE stop buying my records so that I get a break, then I will do a movie."

(Controversial US rapper Eminem advising fans to stop buying so many of his albums to give him time to star as villain in an action film)

*** "THE UK GOVERNMENT is trying very hard to let us have the possession of 20,000 documents that pertained to corruption of Benazir Bhutto. After some legal process hopefully these reports should be with us."

(Head of National Accountability Bureau, Lt. Gen Khalid Maqbool reiterating that the government is not interested to make any deal with the former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and instead is going to file further corruption cases against her and her husband)

*** "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. He must personally answer the charges. He must face the consequences of his actions here and not in some distant shore. The law must always, everywhere prevail."

(Philippine President Gloria Arroyo saying that there can be no amnesty for her deposed predecessor Joseph Estrada and the corruption-stained leader would not be permitted to leave the country)

*** "THE ENEMIES OF ISLAM and the revolution, in the United States and other places, openly advocate a peaceful overthrowing of the regime .... terrorist and anti-revolution groups are both politically and financially supported ...."

(Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warning against weakening of institutions alluding to reformists' criticism of conservative-led judiciary)

*** "THE ENERGY released through tectonic upheavals during the earthquake was like letting off 224 hydrogen bombs. These water bodies are the result."

(J.G. Negi, a geophysicist at the National Geophysical Research Institute, explaining the gushing of freshwater in and around arid Khangarpur, the epicentre of devastating quake in India)