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For The Record


By Syed M.Aslam
Feb 12 - 18, 2001

*** "IT SEEMS that left-handed people and right-handed people are just wired slightly differently."

(Study conducted by Professor Lee Ellis of Minot State University, North Dakota, showing that left-handed people are more likely to die young than right-handed)

*** "THEY MAKE APOLOGIES after they mess up because they've got something to lose if they don't . . . So many of these apologies have to do with holding on to your money."

(US author James L. Dickerson calling the contemporary times 'an age of apology' and that 'apologies are a big part of American entertainment and political life)

*** "DO YOU REMEMBER that line from 'American Beauty' where he says, I'm looking for a job with the least possible responsibility. That is completely my attitude . . . And writing books is about the least responsibility you can have."

(Zadie Smith who is dubbed as Britain's best new writer describing her attitude towards reading)

*** "I THINK they are all nuts and a bunch of wimps."

(Offending e-mail remarks by the chief of US military forces in island of Okinawa, Lt. Gen. Earl Hailston, against his hosts which caused furore in Japan)

*** "I BROKE MY NECK, not my spirit."

(Paralysed stuntman, Mike Nemesvary, announcing plans to become the first quadripelgic to drive around the world in a specially modified vehicle)

*** "IT'S TRUE that we are now earning a lot more than other people, but we are working hard for it."

(Babulal, a barber in quake-devastated town of Anjar in the Indian state of Gujrat, talking about boom in his trade as people line up for a head-shave in the Hindu ritual of 'mundan' which follows the death of a relative)

*** "IT IS GERMANY'S right to reject the use of Nazi Holocaust as a weapon for political and economic gain . . . The main fomenter of anti-semitism now is the Holocaust Industry with its ruthless and reckless extortion practices."

(US scholar Norman Finkelstein urging Germany not to submit to Jews' blackmail over its Nazi Past in his recently published book 'The Holocaust Industry.' Norman himself is a survivor of concentration camps)

*** "MY OFFER of talks is a sign of sincerity, not a sign of weakness. India has to respond."

(Chief Executive, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, asking India to start dialogue to settle the longstanding Kashmir dispute)

***THE DOMINANCE of the American films is a great challenge to European cultural and political leaders."

(German Culture Minister Julian Nida-Ruemelin urging the European countries to support their film industries to thwart Hollywood's dominance and influence)

*** " . . . he is responsible for our misery, for us being refugees, for the invasion, the massacres, everything."

(Saada Akileh, a survivor of 1982 massacre in Shatila refugee camp by Israeli troops led by Ariel Sharon, the recently elected prime minister of the Jewish state)

*** "FOR PEOPLE trapped within this subculture, the needle is not just an irksome necessity, but a symbol of their bondage to an invisible parasite."

(University of Bristol diabetes expert Edwin Gale welcoming the development of inhalable insulin aimed at replacing traditional injection)

*** "THEY REMAIN WITHDRAWN for a long period of time. This is primarily because the biochemical changes in the brain do not allow them to process information and other things."

(Psychiatrist Sohan Derasari saying that acute stress disorder is a major detriment for thousands of survivors in quake-devastated Indian state of Gujrat to seek any help)

*** "WE WANT to draw parallels with what the ADB does in Asia to what is going on here, the people have been displaced off their land, sometimes to make way for golf courses . . . Hawaii is occupied by the US military, colonized politically and economically and we face serious pollution problems."

(Asian Development Bank Watch, a coalition of groups working for economic justice in US state of Hawaii, mobilising forces to stage anti-globalisation protests at the annual meetings of the Bank in May)