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Feb 12 - 18, 2001

Intel delivers breakthrough in microprocessor power consumption

Intel Corporation introduced two new ultra-low-power mobile PC microprocessors, including the industry's first to operate under 1 volt while consuming less than half a watt of power. Enabled by Intel's advanced processor design and power-reduction technologies, the new processors are designed to deliver high performance, minimal power consumption and extended battery life to the smallest mobile PCs.

The new Ultra Low Voltage mobile Pentium® III processor 500 MHz featuring Intel® SpeedStep™ technology brings high performance to the mobile PCs weighing less than three pounds and measuring one inch in height. This processor operates at less than 1 volt and consumes less than half a watt of power in Battery Optimized Mode at 300 MHz.

Intel also introduced the Ultra Low Voltage mobile Celeron™ processor 500 MHz, bringing the industry's highest performance to the value sub-notebook segment. "Last year Intel led with SpeedStep technology, and now the first sub-one-watt PC processor. These technological breakthroughs continue to drive the mobile business," said Chak Wong, Director of Product Marketing and Business Management, Intel Asia Pacific. "With Intel's family of low-power mobile processors, every category of laptop receives world-class performance, compatibility and extended battery life."

Intel Low-Power Technologies: All of Intel's mobile processors are specially engineered to meet the performance, power, cooling and size requirements for mobile PCs. Intel's 0.18-micron process technology enables processors running below 1 volt. Intel SpeedStep technology, featured in mobile Pentium III processors, automatically detects if AC power is available and scales the clock frequency and voltage to help users achieve the optimum balance between performance and battery savings.

Intel Mobile Processor Family: By designing industry-leading mobile processors for every type of mobile PC, Intel enables manufacturers to design systems that offer the best performance, low power consumption and extended battery life for all mobile PC segments.

Intel Achieves InfiniBand* Milestone, Ships Product Samples to the Industry

Intel Corporation recently announced it is shipping samples of its InfiniBand* silicon and software products, critical components that will help implement the InfiniBand I/O industry specification and enable a key advance in Internet servers.

The InfiniBand architecture is a new I/O infrastructure technology that simplifies and speeds server-to-server connections and links to other server-related systems such as remote storage and networking devices. InfiniBand architecture's easier connectivity, reduced latency, improved bandwidth and enhanced interoperability features increase the performance, reliability and scalability of Intel Architecture-based (IA) servers to meet the growth needs of emerging e-Business data centers, service providers and server farms. Components of the InfiniBand architecture are expected to be commercially released later this year, with InfiniBand-enabled systems expected in late 2001.

InfiniBand technology is considered a key element to building a next-generation, high-performance, highly reliable, low-cost server infrastructure. InfiniBand products provide users with scalable throughput via high-performance 2.5 Gb/s links that can be combined to create large InfiniBand fabrics.

The new Intel® InfiniBand products will be used with future IA-32 and upcoming Itanium™ -based server platforms. As the first vendor to provide samples to leading server OEMs such as Compaq and IBM Corp., switch vendors such as QLogic and Crossroads, and storage vendors such as Adaptec and LSI Storage Systems, Intel hopes to accelerate widespread adoption. Intel's InfiniBand suite of products includes the three critical components for an InfiniBand fabric:

Intel's InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter connects servers into a broad InfiniBand "fabric" within Internet and business data centers.

Intel's InfiniBand Switch serves as the center of an InfiniBand fabric and connects servers to remote storage and networking devices.

Intel's InfiniBand Target Channel Adapter provides the connection to storage and/or networking devices within an InfiniBand fabric.

"As a founding member of the InfiniBand Trade Association, we believe that the InfiniBand architecture offers new opportunities for industry-standard servers to meet the increasing demands of Internet data centers," said Paul Santeler, vice president of servers, Compaq Industry Standard Server Group.

Kodak lucky draw on February 12

The (ongoing) promotional scheme of Kodak ke Rang Soney ka Sang concluded on 31st January, 2001. Under this Scheme, Grand prize of one kg gold, second prize of 1/2 kg gold and fifty prizes of 10 gram gold coins will be awarded among the lucky draw winners. The staff members of Kodak and its advertising agency have been working to sort out thousands of received entries. The lucky draw ceremony will be held on February 12, 2001 at Bahria Auditorium Karachi.

UK government provides £400,000 to Afghan new arrivals

The UK Government's Department for International Development has provided £ 400,000 to the UN World Food Programme as a contribution to its feeding programme for Afghan new arrivals in Pakistan.

This latest donation brings the UK's current total contribution to £ 1.25 million for projects designed to assist Afghan refugees in Pakistan, and reflects the UK's commitment to share the burden of the current refugee crisis with Pakistan.

The funds allocated represent 12% of the total requested by WFP for its emergency operation for Afghan new arrivals, currenctly accommodated at New Shamshatoo and Akora Khattak camps, Peshawar. In addition the UK Government is also providing.

£ 6.5 million for projects in Afghanistan, including work designed to assist Afghans affected by the drought.

£ l.6 towards projects in Iran designed to support Afghan refugees.

Cathay Pacific offers 30% discount on Asia miles redemptions

Cathay Pacific Airways announced a 30% discount on Asia Miles Economy Class redemptions to over 20 destinations worldwide. For example, a round trip Asia Miles Economy Class award ticket from Hong Kong to Sydney will require only 31,500 Asia Miles instead of the regular 45,000 Asia Miles. Similarly, an Economy Class award flight to Manila from Hong Kong will be available to members for just 17,500 Asia Miles.

Asia Miles members can enjoy these savings when redeeming one way and round trip Economy Class awards on Cathay Pacific for travel between 01 February and 31 March 2001 and between 01 May and 31 May between the following destinations:

Hong Kong, Taipei, Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya, Singapore, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, Dubai, Bahrain, Karachi, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Cairns, Brisbane, Auckland, Amsterdam and Paris.

Cathay Pacific Loyalty Programmes General Manager Ron Mathison said: "Earning Asia Miles is easy and with the promotion, we are making it even easier for members to get free flights on Cathay Pacific."

Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology

Digital Signal Processing laboratory was recently inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Syed Enamul Haque, Dean Faculty of Engineering in Electronic Engineering Department. This laboratory is an improvement within Industrial Electronics Laboratory of the Department.

Digital Signal processors are widely used in the electronic industry these days and keeping this in view Digital Signal Processing laboratory has been setup. This laboratory is based on Lab View Instrumentation software based on Graphical programming technique).

Sir Syed University is the first educational institution in Pakistan, which has setup a Digital Signal Processing Laboratory based on this software. Lab VIEW is, at the moment, widely used in the automation industry throughout the world. Sir Syed University has recently conducted a short course on Lab VIEW last year.

Bank of Ceylon

Profit rates for the half year ended 31-12, 2000

Type of Deposits

Rate of Profit (P.A.)

Saving Deposits


Special Notice Deposits (7 to 29 days)


Term Deposits


1 Month


3 Months


6 Months


1 year


2 years


3 years


Golden Deposits


(Rs. 10 M and above)



HP, a global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services, held simultaneous Road shows in Karachi and Lahore.

The Karachi Road Show was held at a popular Clifton shopping mall. Visitors of all ages thronged the venue till late at night on both Saturday and Sunday. The event was an unqualified success with eager visitors expressing genuine interest in the products on display, while the younger lot were completely enamoured with the computer games, the demo on the multimedia screen and product demos of various printers and scanners. Special rebate cards were handed out and on Sunday night a lucky draw was held. The grand prize, a HP DJ640c printer was won by Mr Sharif Khan. The atmosphere was festive. Balloons were distributed and children could be seen all around the mall carrying blue and white HP balloons. Even push-chairs were spotted adorned with balloons bearing the HP logo... an indicator perhaps that this millennium will produce a younger and more savvy I.T generation!

The Lahore road show was held simultaneously at the spanking new HP Solution center on M.M Alam Road. FM radio gave live coverage to the events in both cities on Saturday evening that resulted in hordes of spontaneous visitors arriving at the venues.

3M's seminar on packaging system

3M Pakistan and their distributors Sayeed International held a seminar on "Packaging System" on February 06th in Lahore and February 08th in Karachi. Mr. John L. Povall, Technical Expert-3M United Kingdom conducted the seminar successfully to an audience comprising of related personnel from multinational and local companies. Mr. Andy Lanes, Managing Director-3M Pakistan gave an overview of the company. Mr. Jawed Hasan, Sales Manager — Industrial Products — 3M Pakistan and Mr. Abbas Sayeed, CEO of Sayeed International spoke on end of the line packaging system in Pakistan.

The seminar mainly focused to educate the end users in:

• How to improve end of the line packaging quality
• Difference between acrylic, hotmelt and solvent base tapes, etc.
• Parameter for the section of case sealers and box sealing tapes and other relevant subjects

An impressive demo on 3M box sealing machines & tapes was given at the conclusion of the seminar, which generated an enormous interest in the 3M Packaging System.