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For The Record



By Syed M.Aslam
Feb 05 - 11, 2001

*** "WE HAVE LOST an entire generation. It's as if the Pied Piper of Hamelin had taken our children away."

(Quake-survivor Bhaoraji Saifuddin who lost 32 relatives, including one of his children, in devastated Indian province of Gujrat)

*** "IT IS INCONCEIVABLE that the U.S. should play the role of prosecutor and Greece the accused, and the struggle against terrorism be used to apply pressure."

(Greek parliamentary leader Apostolos Kaklamanis accusing the US to use its fight against terrorism as a veil to pursue its own interests. He was reacting to comments made by member of visiting US Congress delegation, Congressman Banjamin Gilman, that Greek government faced a 'challenge' in guaranteeing security at the 2004 Olympic Games)

*** "MY FRIENDS, the simple fact of the matter is this: if we cannot make globalisation work for all, in the end it will work for none."

(UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan warning world business leaders that failure to make companies better corporate citizens would result in a destructive backlash against globalisation. He was speaking at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland)

*** "EVERYONE TELLS ME not to say the things I do. I'm very direct, very undiplomatic. Everyone tells me to stop talking about my hacker history, but I don't give a ... I've stayed the way I am."

(Convicted superhacker Kim Schmitz who was recently hired to bail out a financially troubled online shop in Britain. Kim routed his way into hundreds of top secret files at Pentagon, NASA, CIA, FBI and got into Citibank's system to transfer 20 million Pounds which he gave to global environmental group Greenpeace)

*** "TODAY EVERYTHING is so promising and new. My hope is that the day will never come when some of us take this honour for granted."

(US President George W. Bush reflecting on his first week in the White House)

*** "WHY DID YOU CHOOSE the name of Bhukamp?"

(Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee expressing annoyance at naming a baby born at makeshift hospital 'bhukamp' or 'earthquake' in the quake devastated state of Gujrat)

*** "MTV IS AN ENORMOUSLY influential force in the world our children inhabit, and with that power and the right to exercise it comes a certain level of responsibility."

(Parents of 13-year-old boy, Jason Lind, who suffered second- and third-degree burnsafter mimicking a self-immolation stunt on MTV TV in Connecticut, USA)

*** "I AM TROUBLED by the decision the president made; I would not have made that decision."

(US President George W. Bush stating that though he disagreed with former president Bill Clinton's last minute decision to pardon shadowy billionaire and rogue fugitive financier Marc Rich he did not intend to reverse it)

*** "CHECK WITH your local convenience-store and start living again."

(Former US presidential candidate Bob Dole advertising for a giant soft drink)

*** "THEY HAVE NO PAPER, no pens, no colours, they suffer, and still they create and it's really good. Comfort is the enemy of art and creation, it's difficult living conditions that create art, desperate people want to hold on to something . . ."

(UN Development Programme's resident representative in Baghdad, Francis Dubois, saying that the misery caused by UN-imposed sanctions has catalysed artistic creation in Iraq)

*** "IT WAS like something out of a spoof. And the funniest thing of all was that her single was called 'Love Don't Cost a Thing.' That one television appearance cost a bloody fortune."

(An unnamed source commenting on bizarre and expensive demands made by US singer and actress Jennifer Lopez)