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title6.jpg (51382 bytes)The devastating earthquake hitting Indian State of Gujarat on January 26 demands for precautionary measures for Pakistan. Sindh and Indian State Gujarat both are on geological fault. Nature was kind to Pakistan to spare Karachi despite having a large number of old buildings declared as dangerous by KDA beside multi-storied buildings without having quakeproof construction. In many cases high-rise buildings are located at a distance of a few yards from each other and do not have fire fighting and escape provisions. Seepage from broken sewerage lines in apartments is a common sight in Karachi. Quake experts say that water seepage is the most dangerous thing, which can destabilize even the strongest building structures. Extra care is the need of the hour especially for high-rises in Karachi.

International Office Products, one of the oldest computer sales company in the country, launched what is called ' the first truly assembled branded PC' of Pakistan three months ago. PAGE talked to IOP about its strategy in a market which is dominated by unbranded cheap PCs on the one hand and expensive international products on the other.

Financial results of the utility, for the period ending June 30, 2000, can be looked at from two different angles, revenue improved by 9.5 per cent or loss before tax increased by 72 per cent. The bottom line is, unless operational efficiency is improved no financial structuring can ameliorate financial health of KESC. The GoP should divide the utility in economically viable units and sell it to the private sector as all other alternatives have failed to yield result.