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Information Technology

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Dec 17 - 30 , 2001

The fast moving world of scientific technology makes it incumbent upon us to shake off age-long dogmatism and join hands with the progressive nations of the world. The present world is going under a colossal change. We will have to adopt a dynamic attitude towards life in order to broaden our outlook and see the facts in true perspective.

Times are gone when distances were measured in miles; pigeons and horses were used to carry news and messages. Now, we are living in an age where information flows with the speed of light. The world is shrinking and expanding at the same time. The 20th Century revolution of Information Technology has brought the world close together culminating in the creation of a global community.

The globalization and innovation of new technologies particularly Information Technology has made the educated and well-trained workforce indispensable to any country that seeks to compete in the global economy and build prosperity for its entire people. Enterprises and nations are now dependent on the capabilities and flexibility to respond to the changing needs of their human resources. The 21st century is an era of Information Technology and to cater for the demand of the information society we have to educate and train our youth as Software Developers, System Engineers, and Programmers and in other emerging areas so as to capture our share in the world employment market. Accordingly after a successful launch of Business Studies programmes (Asc, B.Sc. & Masters in Business Administration) BIZTEK has initiated IT Training Programmes, Bachelor in Computer Sciences (BCS), Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT), Masters In Computer Sciences (MCS), Masters in Information Technology (MIT) for the educated youths of the country at a very subsidized cost to prepare them to meet the challenges of the new century. There is a persistent demand from all segments of the society that students of all age groups, both male & female, should acquire specialized and high quality knowledge in the Computer Sciences. Students of today have a right and obligation to build towards a secure future both for themselves and for the community around them. Our Programmes at BIZTEK are at the forefront of technology, designed to motivate and challenge students and to equip them with personal skills and knowledge of the constantly changing computer world. BIZTEK is affiliated with Girne American University; which is accredited by Higher Education Commission in Turkey (YOK), Ministry of Education in Turkey, Higher Educational Inspection Committee in TRNC (YODAK), is also an affiliate and associate member of American Educational Consortium Comprising: ECIS (European Council of International Schools), ECBE (European Council of Business Education), IAA (International Award Association of young people), IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education), the leading accrediting body for business schools, providing our students an international exposure which prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow's world.

At Biztek, we recognize that students must aspire for excellence. This is the sole mission of Biztek. Students normally follow the weekly program of directed reading, using selected key text in relevant subject area. The tutorial exercises, multimedia usage, challenging project exercises and monthly seminars provide them an edge over students of other institutes. Other than this our programmes are designed and developed in accordance with the needs of employment market, maximum employment opportunities world wide as being affiliated and associated with Girne American University that is recognized for employment locally and internationally, regular revision and up gradation of curriculum to meet the fast changing needs, highly interactive and most relied upon faculty consist of both in-house and adjunct faculty, which includes qualified instructors, consultants and industry experts embraced with all the pre-requisite expertise and command that are primarily required in the respective fields. The international faculty comprises of the faculty members, which are with the Girne American University (GAU). The exchange of faculty between BIZTEK and GAU is an extra benefit, which students will get to enhance their abilities to be qualified professionals. At BIZTEK we believe that a CLASS is a DIALOGUE not a MONOLOGUE. Hence minimizing the Generation Gap and making strong ties among the students and a faculty in a most conducive and congenial environment. The Institute has spacious lecture rooms with multimedia facilities. The modern audio-visual system helps the students understand the lecture in detail. The teacher follows the prescribed lecture outline to synchronize the course hours and curriculum. A fully air-conditioned Central Library is present; our library is modest at present. Books on business education including marketing, management, finance, economics, management information system, computer software and hardware and other related fields are in the shelves. Current magazines, periodicals and newspapers are also available for study. It will result in keeping students abreast of the latest developments in the field of business and computer science. The Institute will be connected to the main library at GAU through Internet so it will enhance the source of Information. The Institute has a fully air-conditioned Cafeteria with a capacity of more than 100 students. For extra curricular activities there is an auditorium, which is also centrally air-conditioned. BIZTEK is also very conscious about the mental and physical health of its students, in this regard there is a sports complex which includes snooker, gymnasium, table tennis, lawn tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball, jogging track and many more. In the next phase, the institute has planned to extend its sports facilities by building up a swimming pool, cricket ground etc. An essential element at Biztek is inculcation of the moral and social values particularly development of positive attitudes towards integrity, work, authority, time and discipline. Moral character and personality building is an integral part of our programme as education can only be effective if it is capable enough to groom you. We have most modern Windows NT networked computer lab with all necessary multimedia facilities created to ensure that students find themselves completely at home. One-to-one ratio between computer and user is strictly followed. BIZTEK believes it is vital in the world Education to have our finger on the pulse. There is always a quicker and better way of doing everything (well may be not quite everything).

We wish to produce a breed of software designers and IT professionals for the new millennium, who excels in problem solving, and who can compete successfully in the international market. In short, the degree from BIZTEK, A Worthwhile Proposition to take on. It's a real city of knowledge, wisdom and a true structural example of wisdom based on pillars of commitment.


Biztek is a part of this global revolution and is an educational institution that is meant for setting standards par excellence globally by imparting best career oriented education primarily in the fields of management and technology with a total commitment and devotion towards producing professionals for todays and tomorrows world at an economical cost.