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For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Dec 17 -30 , 2001

*** "KAFAN CHOR GADDI CHHORO (Coffin Thieves Must Quit)."

(Slogan chanted by opposition parties during the assembly session asking the coalition government of Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to quit power amidst a new scam in the defence department which bought over-priced caskets to carry the remains of the soldiers killed during the Kargil war)

*** "IF HE HAS been quoted correctly, it is very dangerous ... The idea that learning more English or an end to faith schools will stop riots is absolute nonsense."

(Members of enquiry committee, which prepared a report on last year's race riots in Northern England, criticizing the Home Secretary David Blunkett for demanding the foreign origin citizens to speak the English language)

*** "IF THE WORLD could hear what President George W. Bush and Pentagon officials had to say, why could it not hear Osama? And why were announcements made by the Pentagon considered facts?"

(Deputy Chief of South African Broadcasting Corporation, Mathatha Tesedu, expressing 'terrible disappointment' at the disability of the US media to differentiate between propaganda and news)

*** "ISRAELI MILITARY ACTION against Palestinians can be summarized in just two words and that is state terrorism ... with the backing of the (United) States, Israel has been openly violating human rights, assassinating Palestinian leaders and defying UN resolutions instead of liberating occupied Palestinian land."

(Cricketer-turned-politician, Imran Khan, commenting on Israeli atrocities against Palestinians)

*** "... about 90 per cent appeared to offer a saccharine-coated version of events that is, by and large, aligned with the Israeli camp. I think, therefore, the American public is being ill-served."

(Senior editor of the BBC, Steve Williams, criticizing the US for its public display of undisguised patriotism with the least regard to professional integrity)

*** "THE UNITED STATES does not have an interest in Afghanistan. The Bush family does. Oil. As does Vice-President Cheney and Secretary of Defence Rumsfeld. We have a bunch of oilmen running the country ... What is an act of terrorism? Writing for the Daily Mail could be an act of terrorism."

(Prominent US writer Gore Vidal alleging that big corporations are running America's 'sham democracy' killing the ideals of the founding fathers through disastrous post-war imperialism)

*** "MIGHT IS NOT RIGHT. If the death of innocents is wrong in New York or Washington, just give me one reason why it's not in Afghanistan ... a sense of grievance and injustice can fill people with resentment and despair to the point of desperation."

(Winner of 1984 Nobel Peace Prize and South African Anglican bishop, Desmond Tutu, opposing US military action in Afghanistan)

*** "THE BULLSHIT just flows and flows and flows and the American media is so corrupt and so tied into it that it never questions it."

(Gore Vidal calling the US media, particular the New York Times, a parrot for the rulers)

*** "... to eliminate the ancient wrongs like the way the white people are doing in the West ... Conversions are a revolt against Hinduism and is part of militancy, though this does not mean that the Dalits would take up arms."

(Chairman of All India Confederation of Scheduled Caste, Udit Raj, blaming India's ancient social system for the miseries of the low caste Dalits or untouchables and asking the so-called upper castes to stop derogatory treatment meted out to them)

*** "THESE POWERS are supporting the world's biggest terrorist apparatus, namely the Zionist regime ... if using tanks to attack people's homes is not terrorism, then what else is? If attacking the people's homes with missiles launched from F-16 aircraft and helicopter gunship is not terrorism, then what is? The American and British governments are partners in these crimes and jointly responsible."

(Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei citing Afghanistan and Palestine as the prime examples of the West's blatant assaults on the Islamic world and Muslims)