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Title 51 & 52.jpg (36162 bytes)Growing water scarcity is one of the top threat faced by the human race today. It necessitates a revolutionary change in the outlook about finding alternate water resources, stopping the wastage, latest desalination technologies which are affordable and the last but not least end to environmental degradation. PAGE highlights the issue which is global in nature but local in implications.


The government has constituted a broad-based "Sugar Board" to identify and address the problems faced by the sugar industry in Pakistan. The Board will identify issues pertaining to research and development of sugarcane with regard to crop varieties, quality seed, seed treatment, fertilizers, pesticides, insect pests, diseases, integrated post-management, and provide guidelines for the improvement in productivity of sugarcane.

Pakistan economy has shown sustained improvement in the first quarter of current financial year. The September 11, 2001 exogenous incident added to the difficulties being faced by Pakistan. However, sentiments following the attacks were different from previous shocks. The reforms being implemented have improved Pakistan's macroeconomic fundamentals, making the country more resilient to such shocks.

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