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The Second Scientific Revolution

Dec 10 - 16 , 2001

The Bahria Institute of Management & Computer Sciences, Karachi, (A constituent unit of Bahria University, Islamabad) recently held a Seminar on Smart Machines: The Second Scientific Revolution. The Information Technology Society of the Institute organized the seminar. Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Minister for Finance, Planning & Development, Government of Sindh, was the chief guest at the seminar.

Welcoming the guests and students at the Seminar, Mr. Yasir Memon, the President of the IT Society traced the history of consumer electronics which have profoundly changed our lives. He highlighted the changes brought by the electronics revolution around us. Quoting Peter Schwartz.

On this occasion Mr. Sameer Hoodbhoy, Managing Director, Data Communications & Control (Pvt.) Ltd; and Dr. Abbas Kazim, Professor, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, who were the speakers at the Seminar delivered very interesting, informative and thought provoking presentations.

Speaking on Advent of Artificial Intelligence and its application; Dr. Sameer Hoodbhoy said that the intelligent pioneering products and systems often require a mastery of first principles of the physical sciences. He added that creativity and innovation demands freedom to dream and fantasize. After explaining and objectives of developing robot specially the industrial one, he gave many examples where robots could be useful. He illustrated his lecture with examples of CNC controls for machine tools like lathes, milling machines, textile looms. He explained how Programmable Logic Controller can be useful for Process Control industry. He highlighted the significant advancement made by the Smart Machines using Signal Processing. They are being used in non-destructive construction material testing for civil works and mapping of underground water pipes. Another major application of smart machines is in Bio-medical Research. He stressed upon the development of such systems that can solve existing as well as upcoming urban needs like Electricity loss reduction, police and emergency data networks. Dr. Sameer in his presentation also elaborated on factors necessary for the successful application AI to industry. He advised the students to develop such projects that can help the common man to boost the development of our economy. Taking the advantage of the presence of the Finance Minister, he also suggested that government should initiate low cost projects especially for the benefit of the rural areas of Pakistan.

Dr. Abbas Kazim Zaidi while speaking about the Artificial Intelligence discussed various aspects of architecture of intelligent agents. He started his presentation by the advent of AI and its development through different phases. He gave special emphasis to the present scenario of AI. He shared his experience with students, which he got during his stay in USA. He discussed in detail the various applications of artificial Intelligence in the field of business, industry and military science. Audience, while enjoying the unique style of Dr. Abbas Kazim, took keen interest in the various practical examples given by him. His best illustration was the use of AI in Naval Science.

In his speech the Chief Guest, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Minister for Finance, Planning & Development stated that the present government is laying special emphasis on the education field. The government has decided to offer free education up to secondary level in the province of Sindh. A special package has also been announced for the students who are interested to get admission in the Cadet Colleges, but don't have necessary resources.

The Minister stressed upon the importance of transparency in the process of hiring the schoolteachers, as they are the cores of our education system. He said that the importance of IT in today's hyper technological environments cannot be over emphasized. The entire concept of communications, Commerce, Education and Governance, stands revolutionizes with the adaptation of various facets of IT. The world of IT is advancing at lightening speed. Everyday a new hardware or software is being announced; thereby reducing the degree to which students can be dependend on formal syllabi and books, as these are being constantly revised.

He appreciated the efforts being made by the Bahria Institute, Karachi, in providing its students with knowledge on important subject through seminars which provide the students an opportunity to acquire first hand knowledge of the latest concepts, tools and techniques from the experts of the industry.

At the end the Director of the Institute Captain Ahmed Zaheer, PN, in his vote of thanks appreciated the efforts put in by the Head of Department Computer Science, Mr. Nazir A. Shaikh, and faculty coordinator Mr. Mohammad Iqbal and members of IT society in arranging the seminar.

He also thanked the Chief Guest for gracing the occasion and all the participants, speakers and guests for making the seminar a success. He presented the souvenirs to the Chief Guests and speakers. In the end the Chief Guest distributed plaques and souvenirs among the organizers of the Seminar.