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For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Dec 10 -16 , 2001

*** "LET THOSE WHO remain deprived of freedom and inalienable rights, enjoy them. Let those who have long cherished the desire for freedom, taste it. Let those who are still denied their right of self-determination, whether in Palestine or in Kashmir, be finally given the opportunity to realize it."

(Pakistan's Ambassador to the UN, Shamshad Ahmad, asking the international community for action against Israel for its use of brutal and indiscriminate force against the innocent Palestinians)

*** "I AGREE with the overwhelming population of the United States that we have a formal democracy, but not a functional democracy. The political system is in the hands of a small right-wing group which creates the candidates and manipulates their election. This group decides which are the issues that must be debated and addressed."

(US intellectual and critic of American foreign policy, Noam Chomsky, explaining the real base of power in the US saying that business controls power in the US)

*** "... is worth between Rs 60,000 million to Rs 100,000 million."

(Estimated market price of the jewellery collection of former Nizam of Hyderabad which was purchased by the Indian government for a mere Rs 2,180 million in 1995)

*** "THERE WAS uniform appreciation of the constructive role played by India all along."

(India's special envoy to Afghanistan, S.K. Lambah, who led a foreign ministry delegation to Kabul to set up a office there)

*** "WE BELIEVE that no single country can protect itself by just erecting a fence, no matter how high the fence, no matter whether it is a part of one alliance or another given today's threat."

(Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov stressing that his country does not intend to join NATO but is willing to forge closer ties with the US-led alliance "to the extent that the alliance itself is ready for that")

*** "THE GOVERNMENT wants to jail people not for what they've done, but for what the Home Secretary suspects they might have done or might do in the future. That punches hole in our basic constitutional protections."

(Spokesman of Britain's leading human rights group Liberty, Roger Bingham, criticizing the new anti-terrorism laws proposed by the ruling Labour Government)

*** "WE WANT PEOPLE ACROSS the country to be aware that the behaviour of this international business is simply unacceptable."

(Member of the London Assembly and a participant of a demonstration, Darren Johnson, accusing oil giant Esso of sabotaging efforts to reduce global warming. The demonstrations organized by environmental activists said the company refuses to deny that the use of fossil fuels contribute to climate change and also accused it refusing to invest in renewable energy resources)

*** "... a weak criminal justice system, if armed with draconian law, is only likely to end up victimizing the socially and politically marginalized or those who are perceived as a threat to those with the power to influence the criminal justice system."

(Human rights watchdog Amnesty International urging Indian political parties not to give parliamentary approval to a controversial anti-terrorism ordinance and should instead work to strengthen the criminal justice system)

*** "... What they are doing is to say if you fear there could be a veto of your action, you are entitled to act independently of the Security Council."

(Former South African President Nelson Mandela saying that the bypassing of the United Nations by the US and UK is extremely dangerous because it spreads chaos into international affairs)