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Title 50.jpg (28547 bytes)A review of listed companies indicates an improvement in economic fundamentals, capacity utilization, BMR and expansion. Leasing sector has the largest potential to meet the demand of funds. Leasing companies are trying to meet minimum paid-up capital requirement. Companies are floating TFCs to meet the need for funds. During last couple of years there has been a gradual decline in average lending rates. While the move is expected to improve business prospects for leasing companies, the shrinking spread may cause problems for smaller companies.

The forces exerting downward pressure on oil prices were quite significant this time. There was a substantial fall in the price of oil, which declined from $28 a barrel in June to around $18 a barrel in November a fall of 36 per cent. The oil price regulating committee has announced four price cuts during last 2-3 months but the benefit is not being passed on to the common man.

Beverage industry with a market sizes of 120 million cases per annum can double its size in the next 3-5 years, if the taxation policies towards this industry are corrected by the government. Excessive taxation policy on this industry, which is 36 per cent of the retail price, is not allowing this industry to grow as per its real potential.

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