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Information Technology

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By Nadir Ali Kolachi
Jan 29 - Feb 04, 2001

Over the years, the Internet was proved an extremely useful and powerful medium for research, knowledge, business and entertainment. We have realized that Internet makes every thing different. These frequently repeated words crystallize the feelings of many about the most important influence in business life since the introduction of microprocessor in 1971. It's evident that the Internet, the near seamless and world wide web of networks, is a pivotal force that is triggering the leaders to consider new possibilities and redefine expectations in business.

Information Technology Executives are busy in finding best ways to capture the markets and developed various effective ways to become market leaders. The Internet and Multimedia are among the most visible icons in the continuing evolution of information technology in business. Those companies and individuals having the know-how to combine their resources in e-activities like e-commerce and e-business — the principal elements of business world — are the most likely to be successful in their endeavours.

The rapid emergence of Internet era has created an intense demand for well-trained, capable MIS and IT managers to plan, organize, direct and control e-activities. The foundation of these two factors is Internet Marketing, the marketing, if done properly can lead managers to success and take their companies to the pinnacle of the progress.

Internet Marketing is the fastest and easiest way to make a fortune of companies. It is basically a way of attracting customers towards the product. Effective Internet Marketing is based on "good site". If it is really marvellous then people will love to see, entertain, and give positive response to that site.

Why Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing provides following paramount features to brighten our business.

•Quick performance and reliability: The advantage of online marketing is its quick response and performance. If any customer is required any thing he will get reply within seconds. This quick and reliable performance is the source of image building.

•Cost: There is no doubt that internet has become an inexpensive advertising medium for organizations and is being effectively used by some firms for commerce.

•Momentum: Several executives mentioned that they have to have presence on the Internet, as their competitors are already on the Internet. Without it their reputation can be tarnished and they will be perceived as laggards in employing state-of-the-art technologies. Of course every thing is going to depend on Internet and by this we are rightly apprised that there is no way to escape from it, we should adopt Information Technology to compete with e-communities.

Implications of Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing has been recognized as an important factor, which is responsible for the projection of the companies. Following positive implications can come out from Internet Marketing.

•Increase in computer literacy: It has become prime requisite to be an e-literate, if we are geared to compete with e-world. Thinking about Internet Marketing, we must know e-rules and regulations and tips of how to set online business which leads to nowhere but e-literacy for successful business.