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!title5f.jpg (41278 bytes)The process of globalization is demolishing the physical boundaries of the markets and fuelling competition. Pakistan cannot remain immune to this. While it has to open the domestic market for the overseas suppliers, local manufacturers also have to compete in the international markets. The charisma of brands cannot be undermined. Brand names assure the users of quality standards and consistency of products for consumers. At the same time brand loyalty generates repeated sales. The confidence level is to the extent that consumers often even do not know the name of manufacturer or the country where these products have been manufactured. Some of the Pakistani brands in textiles and clothing, i.e. ChenOne and Bonanza have become known in global markets and many more names are going through the process of recognition.

The flooding of local markets with artificial honey containing harmful additives is posing serious health risks to millions of unaware users. In addition, the availability of branded 'pure honey' man-made 'honey' manufactured by mixing a number of chemicals and treatment process of 'natural honey' also poses an ethical question about the rampant marketing practices. PAGE takes a closer look.

Corrective steps for the revival of the existing investors both local and multinational will do the needful for attracting the potential foreign investors. This was strongly recommended by the speakers at the seminar on "Investment Prospects in Pakistan" organized by MAP in Karachi. Resolution of WAPDA-Hubco dispute was acknowledged as the right step for restoration of the confidence of the investors yet there is a lot of room for improvement.