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Title 49.jpg (32076 bytes)Established in 1998, KIIT is now to assume the role of a world class IT university to be named as "Jama Al-Asr" for which a charter is likely to be granted shortly by the government of Sindh. Having a picturesque surrounding, Jama Al-Asr, presently KIIT, is located at "Gulshan-e-Maymar" an island of peace within the city of Karachi which is now known for its polluted environment, due to traffic noise, smoke emitting vehicles and law and order hazards. When grown to its full bloom, days are not far away when Pakistanis could mention the name of this world class university to compete with any foreign university. KIIT aims to reinforce its faculty with at least 20 doctors in computer science which will make it the strongest faculty in any IT institution in the country.

Export of textile products falling under quota management have registered significant growth. The European Union has already increased quota ceilings and reduced tariff. A similar announcement by the US administration is being delayed mainly due to pressure of US manufacturers of textiles and clothing who are victim of severe recession.

Pakistani auto industry produced a marginally more cars and LCVs in the year ended June 30, 2001. However, the three major manufacturers Suzuki, Toyota and Honda, managed to post substantially improved operating, pre-and post-tax profits, particularly Suzuki which earned a post-tax profit compared to a post-tax loss last year. The major cause of concern, however, remains the collectively high under-utilization of the production capacity.

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