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Nov 26 - Dec 02, 2001

Arena Multimedia

Thanks for showing interest in multimedia technology. I have received few letters from some students and professionals asking about softwares in multimedia. Dear readers believe me its very easy to use hammer but if you don't know about the tactics of using hammer you will always damage yourself. In multimedia and communication arts if you are not mentally and physiologically prepared to start working you will get the same result every time.

I have found that about half of students are always in hurry to learn softwares, please please forget about the tools lets learn something about the trade. The problem in using tools is very simple try to create ten figures on paper and you will find that you will be repeating same techniques again and again why is this so, this is because we are not mentally prepared. To mentally prepare yourself consider following necessary steps in your mind.

This outline is not some hard and fast formula I have spent years refining. Itís an assessment of the steps I usually go through when working on a project.


We do see objects in our daily life but do we remember the details of each object the answer is no. Try this simple exercise. Write details of your toothbrush and toothpaste in detail. What you will write is this, its name is xyz its color is x, y, z and what else you are writing. Now lets try to write details of its feature and its environment, we can only write details if we will develop our nature of capturing small details of what we are looking at. If you are multimedia professional you will be very sensitive about nature, environment and happenings all around you. To develop the sense of observation you need to do few exercises. (2)-write in detail where are you sitting right now and what's all around you? (2) Is there anything unusual which is disturbing you? (3) In this scenario what you usually ignore by saying oh its same old thing? I don't want to involve you in unnecessary discussion but your involvement in each and every subject is very important. This is what we call the difference between seeing and observing. You will now start developing interest in this field and this is what I want from you. Please remember when you start feeling bored, forget writing just try to remember things. If you wish you can send your observations to me on my email address to have professional comments.


It's long due discussion. What is creativity? How we can test our creativity? In simple words creativity is creating something new either its an idea or something in text or any audio visual content. We are all very creative but we show our creativity in different manner. My wife shows creativity when she is dressing salad during dinner or my brother is creative because he always tries something new in daily dressing. My father always gives me new ideas and above all my 5-year-old nephew tells me new and strange stories of school and tiger. It is not possible to check how much creative you are but you can judge yourself. Lets try to develop creativity in a right direction. Think of yourself as an architect and give at least three suggestions what you can change in your surroundings. For example if you are sitting in a room and the bed is lying in north south direction try to visualize how it will be when you will place it in east west direction and how many other possibilities are available. Or if you sitting in office, how many chairs and tables are there? What if you change the direction of tables? What if you will only have one chair and one table? What if you increase the amount of light? Important aspect of this exersize is not how you place things but how you can have any thing, which you have been ignoring and the result is somewhat different than ever.

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