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Nov 26 - Dec 02, 2001

Into the 21st century now, Pakistan faces many daunting tasks. With its population of 140 Million plus people and GNP/Annum of merely $450, its literacy rate stands at an appalling figure of 32%. It should be noted that the above mentioned literacy rate figure is claimed by the government as per its definition of "literacy".

Literacy may also be endorsed by the fact whether a child has obtained a given minimum standard of education or schooling. In Karachi alone which is thought to be the learning seat of Pakistan. 0.25 million students are expected to appear in the intermediate board examination annually out of a population of 12 million. Shockingly only 75,000 appear in this abrogated future making or future breaking exam. Only 10% to 15% passes with good grades i.e. A or B, rest of the 85-90% percent should be considered as dropouts for all practical purposes owing to the death of good accredited universities around that may take them aboard. Whether the cramming based board exam is a true reflection of a student capabilities which he or she may have acquired in a bland other wise devoid of any critical analysis class room environment, is another debate. The concern is what should be done for these members of the young

generation of Pakistan who control the destiny of this nation. To charter the course of this significant caravan there is beacon of hope. We call it BIZTEK.

BIZTEK is a leading business and technology institute that is affiliated with the Girne American University of Northern Cyprus. Founded by academicians and professionals of international repute, BIZTEK has already found its pinnacle among the academic horizons of Karachi.

Rigorous Girne American University (GAU) curriculum is tuned with Global dynamism, BIZTEK provides a campus where the visions of both the students and the teachers are constantly broadening. At BIZTEK there are latest courses available in the fields of business and computers. These courses lead to bachelors and masters degrees.

These courses are specially designed to give the students a vertical approach in life. They are told where the other nations are leading in different fields and how. They are also shared with the ideas as to how certain breakthroughs are being made in different industries whether they are related to business or information technology. GAU's curriculum is a blend of latest research and current job scenarios in the world market.

To keep the students abreast with the latest developments especially in the field of Economics and other related topics concerning Business Studies, regular seminars are

held at the Institute. Eminent persons from the field are invited to address the students. In one of the seminar Prof. Dr. Shahida Wazarat talked about "Relevance of Economics for Business Studies Programmes."

BIZTEK's main campus, which spreads over an area of 11 acres, provides state of the art computer labs, well-equipped library and sports arena, which is sufficient for all kinds of intramural activities.

Even though BIZTEK provides one of the most lavish campuses in Karachi, the core strength lies in its human factor. Student Counsellors are available at the Institute who are not only counsellors to the parents and students, they are also mentors to the students all spheres of life.

The Girne American University (GAU) approves the Faculty, and all of the faculty members meet the minimum requirement of a masters degree from an accreditated university.

The teachers impart knowledge to the students in a creative classroom atmosphere where cases are discussed analyzed and solved. These teachers are well renowned in the industry and bring with them vast experience. All the exams are conducted in accordance to the standards set by the Girne American University. Deserving students are not only given scholarships but are also presented with the opportunity to take courses in the Girne American University North Cyprus campus. There is also an exchange of faculty between BIZTEK and GAU.

In short at BIZTEK, it is believed that we must produce leaders from among the young generation of Pakistan in all spheres of life to this end we have established a right platform for the students. The courses taken at BIZTEK are transferable to any university around the world including Britain and North America. GAU's degree is also accepted worldwide. BIZTEK claims rightfully to uplift average Pakistanis to complete with the world leaders. Pakistani deserves to be educated, we share this dream at BIZTEK.