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Mehran University of Engineering and Technology

Convocation 2001

Nov 26 - Dec 02, 2001

"Training of the technologists of this region and those of friendly and brotherly countries on international scale is one of the immense needs of modern man and I am quite sanguine that Mehranians are putting in all their genuine efforts to meet this challenge."

This was stated by the Sindh Governor/Chancellor, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro Mohammedmian Soomro, who was delivering his presidential address at the Convocation-2001 of the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology at Jamshoro campus.

He said civilized societies look forward to their higher seats of learning for brightening the intellectual capabilities of their youth and thereby preparing them to shoulder future responsibilities the responsibilities which proved them to be trust worthy citizens, God fearing and straight forward.

He said the well developed educational institutions should aim at these values in which the Muslims firmly believe.

He pointed out that Pakistan had a very impressive number of established Universities but these institutions have yet to achieve the desire results of imparting quality education and finding a solution to problems of immediate needs of the country.

Identifying the immediate needs, he said it were to equip the youth with most modern training and research relevant to the needs of the country.

He said this was the most pressing demand to be addressed by the teachers and the faculty.

he said the seats of higher learning have to acquire and maintain their status in contributing their best in imparting knowledge and research that combine excellence and relevance.

In his opinion, this objectives could not be achieved unless both the teachers and taught changed their attitudes and evolved new strategies. "They have to have a clear vision and set future goals to be achieved," the Sindh governor asserted.

The governor was impressed by the development of the campus and expressed the hope that the same progress was being achieved in laboratories.

He said the meagre amount offered by the government if utilized well for training faculty members and embarking on the course of research will surely yield better results.

He said the present government from its meagre resources had made an allocation of Rs. 2 billion for enhancement and acceleration of research in the field of science and technology and added that it was now for the Universities to demonstrate capabilities.

"In the capacity of the Chancellor of the Universities of this province I have always been enforcing strongly the policy of academic and research excellence", the governor said.

He said this could only be made possible if the research staff, especially the high qualified faculty teachers, worked with dedication and commitment to translate our dream into a reality.

He called upon the faculty members to ensure that the University Libraries always remained open and did not give a deserted look in the afternoon.

He reminded the faculty members that in the developed worked, the faculty and the learners spend more time in libraries and when if came to research their colleges and Universities remained open round the clock.

The Sindh governor was pleased to note that new institutes of information technology had been established in which software engineering, telecommunication engineering and bio-medical engineering had been setup.

He lauded the steps taken by the University in this direction.

He said Mehran University had always been in the forefront in accepting new challenges and responsibilities for the betterment of education such as the introduction of pre-admission tests, self-financing schemes and strict enforcement of academic rules. He was happy to note that now the Mehran University was preparing for the registration in ISO certification programme.

Addressing the graduates the governor said that they were now poised to embark on their respected professional career and added that their parents, friends and the people had great expectations from them.

He called upon the University management to ensure merit and transparency in admissions on time and eradicating copy culture.

In his address of welcome the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. A.R. Memon, dwelt at length on the achievements of the University and the problem confronting the alma mater. As many as 338 students of two batches 95-96 batches were awarded degrees.

The Governor, on the occasion, also awarded Gold Medals to three best graduates of the University. Four graduates, who clinched top position in the faculty also received the Gold Medals award while silver medals were received by 22 graduates who secured first positions in their examinations. Besides medals, merit certificates were also distributed among 31 graduates who bagged second and third positions in the examinations.

A special award was given to female scholar Dr. Shams Abbasi for their life long service in the cause of education.

The Governor Sindh/Chancellor, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Mohammedmian Soomro inaugurated the software exhibition at MUET at Jamshoro.

Over 30 projects, prepared by the graduate of 15-depts.: of the University highlighting the software development were displayed in the exhibition.

The Governor took keen interest over the projects displayed by the University graduates and hoped that more development will be achieved in Computer Literacy and Information Technology in the campus.

Sindh Minister Syed Ali Mir Shah, Vice-Chancellor of all the public and private sector Universities, Scholars, professors, parents and elite of town attended the Convocation-2001.