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For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Nov 26 - Dec 02, 2001

*** "COME ON! Support the Northern Alliance."

(Sales pitch used by drug dealers marketing Afghan hashish in Los Angeles)

*** "HE ALWAYS had difficulty with the word tomorrow, even 30 years ago."

(Ian Robertson, former teacher of British prime minister Tony Blair, recalling that as a student Blair always had trouble spelling the word 'tomorrow' as 'toomorrow')

*** "INDIA ADOPTED a big brother attitude towards Bangladesh and the government must take necessary steps to protect the country's sovereignty."

(Bangladeshi parliamentarian Shah Ruhul Quddus criticizing neighbouring India 'dangerous' attitude accusing that its security forces regularly attack civilians)

*** "WE HAVE SAVED our core interests, the nuclear assets and the Kashmir cause."

(President Gen Pervez Musharraf said that Afghan policy was based on principles and was motivated by core interests)

*** "YES. FIRST OF ALL, I've been trying to tame our press corps ever since I got into politics, and I failed miserably."

(US President George W. Bush's sarcastic reply to a question put by a Russian reporter accusing the US of gagging the press by denying alleged suspect Osama Bin Laden an opportunity to present his views in the media)

*** "MAFIA DONS do not take permission from any Court before taking extortion money because such an act will diminish their status in front of the people they are threatening."

(US intellectual Noam Chomsky condemning US action in Afghanistan without seeking authorization from any world body like the United Nations was typical of a mafia don)

*** "THE OIC has to take a hard look at itself ... If the OIC cannot play a role, the question will arise, why the need for OIC."

(Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar slamming the Organisation of Islamic Conference for its inaction in Afghanistan and in danger of becoming irrelevant)

*** "EVERYWHERE we are now using dogs for investigations we might be able to use wasps in the future ... The antennae of wasps are more sensitive to certain substances than a dog's nose."

(Dutch scientists claiming to find a way to use wasps to detect drugs and bombs more cheaply and effectively than the sniffer dogs)

*** "THE MEDIA should have said: we make the decisions."

(Former star reporter of CNN television, Peter Arnett, criticizing US media coverage of the Afghanistan war accusing it of having sold itself out)

*** "SOME 160 PALESTINIANS aged 12-18 are currently in prison in Israel, mostly on charges of throwing stones."

(Representative of United Nations Children's Fund Unicef representative to the West Bank and Gaza, Pierre Poupard, saying that Israeli soldiers were ill-treating Palestinian children. He was in Paris to publicise Israel's 'violations of children's rights')

*** "THE BOARD is expected to hold its inaugural meeting in January 2002 to establish a secretariat headed by a full-time chief executive officer."

(The Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority announcing an agreement to create an Islamic financial market comprising four Muslim countries Malaysia, Bahrain, Indonesia and Sudan)

*** "THE BOMBING may have a long-term impact on birds migrating to India. The chemical contents in the bombs could enter the food chain ... The chemicals can also be passed on to their eggs."

(Senior programme officer at World Wide Fund for Nature India, Abrar Ahmed, highlighting the impact of the war in Afghanistan on migration of birds)

*** "THEY ARE LOOKING for a state ... whose interests clash with those of the US administration to be their next target and it is only normal that Iraq, whose interests clash with the American schemes."

(Head of Iraqi parliament's Arab and international relations committee, Salem Al Kubaisi, rejecting US accusations that Baghdad possesses biological weapons saying that the charges are aimed at paving the way for a US attack on Iraq)

Centre photo: Caption: "Anti-Nuke protestor followed by police in Germany"