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United Mobile

One Company - Many Solutions

Director Business Development
Nov 26 - Dec 02, 2001

Wireless Communication is getting so advanced and developed that the people around the world are coming closer n' closer day by day. The concept of far-flung distances has now become the myths of the past.

Pakistan is not behind in adopting technologies and become the part of this global village. In fact it has recognized as one of the biggest potential country in the area of IT and communication. Pakistan has made a big stride in Mobile industry as four cellular operators are providing services with special features and facilities to their customers through their dealers network.

Mobile industry has seen several phases since its birth in 1990, from status symbol to the necessity, from mobile to personal communicator, and from just a communication tool to an entertainment gadget.

Despite high potential of cellular services in Pakistan, operators have not yet grasped the major market share due to various reasons. In a country with population above 140 million, around 600 thousand people are using mobile phone i.e. penetration below 0.42%. This is far too less considering the average penetration rate around the world. Even though operators got into price war and therefore consumed their capacity well before time by selling connections in bulk.

All the operators have their authorized Franchisee offering Sales, Services, Bill Collection etc. but the fact is that 90% of the operator's total sales coming through its distributors and distributor's 90% of the sales coming from individual mobile phone retailers. It is therefore quite evident that various retailers, who happened to be the biggest but completely unorganized channel, are generating 80% of the overall sales.

Today customers generally prefer everything to be available under one roof. Cellular customers prefer to go to the place where they can get different brands of various items on the spot to make choice. The concept of shopping under one roof or availing services through one window have been in vogue in modern culture, since it saves the customers precious time.

This universally accepted concept was not available in Pakistan and despite four renowned companies being available to provide mobile phone services, the customers were unable to evaluate their preferences due to non-availability of collective data and information all the mobile companies, their services etc. At the same time mobile phones with lots and lots of new features are being introduced. Due to lack of training, not many people are using some of the features. Mobile phone retailers are only pushing boxes with latest mobile handsets without knowing the features.

Realizing the situation, market potential, operators limitation and customer's choice, it was felt to establish a service oriented company to offer "One Window" operation with complete cellular solution.

In order to bridge the gap between the operators and the customers, United Mobile (Pvt ) Ltd. has been formed in the private sector with wide area retail network. Top most priority of United Mobile is to extend superior customer services and backup support.

United Mobile will be the first company to provide all the mobiles, all the connections, all the packages and all the accessories under one banner with growing number of branches spread at convenient locations across the country.

Market in Pakistan can only expand if wide range of products and services are readily available from convenient locations. In short we can say "One Company- Many Solutions"