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Education is a continuous process, its not an end result

Pakistan deserves leaders from its young generation in all spheres of life

By Jaan S. Khan
Program Coordinator, BIZTEK
Nov 19 - 25, 2001

"Education is a continuous process, its not an end result". Today we must inculcate this in our young generation if they were to compete with the Americans and Britishers and Germans and so forth, in this global village. This is exactly what we are imparting at Biztek. After spending thirteen years in the United States and obtaining a Bachelors in Political Science, pre law from Michigan State University and an MBA in Finance from Wayne State Detroit, it took me sometime to find the right place in Pakistan. Owing to certain diametrically opposed norms and cultures, Karachi Business Arena was more of a confusion than clarity for me especially in the field of Customer Service or Client Management. I wanted to realize my Pakistani mission rather than ever so often hard to achieve American dream. Michigan State University had cultivated me with certain ideas that I wanted to unleash. Then it all happened. I found Biztek.

Founded by very able academicians and professionals, Biztek provides an ideal atmosphere for any one who wants to be in touch with the current global friends both in terms of its curriculum and career development.

At Biztek, we have created an environment where both the "international clients and the external clients get top quality service and attention". Our student counselors are well aware of the concerns of students as well as their parents. Rigorous Girne American University curriculum conducted under strict discipline reminds one of an American University. Our faculty is selected from a pool of very able professionals who are well renowned in their circles.

In our Business Studies we emphasize heavily on case studies. Our students are not only aware of for instance how Jhonson & Jhonson's Mission Statement was formulated, but also how effectively it handled the famous "Tylenol Nightmare Crisis" in the United States.

Pakistan deserves leaders from its young generation in all spheres of life. Biztek provides the right platform for that. At Biztek the students are told that whether they decide to join Biztek or not but we expect them to be responsible citizens of this great land Pakistan which came into existence on 27th Ramazan.

What Affiliation is?

Being affiliated or associated with something or someone is of prime importance in everybody's life. The reason being that, affiliation in a true sense gives person a sense of self-recognition, self-respect and self-actualization. Whether a person is a student, employee or business personnel, he is found with some affiliations of one kind or the other depending on the needs of his surroundings, his requirements and necessities. Affiliation basically bridges the gap between two persons or two parties to achieve mutual or collective goals and objectives and to function in such a way so as to attain maximum, perfection, professionalism, precision and completeness.

Keeping this in mind, BIZTEK Management has chosen to have an affiliation with one of the renowned universities of North Cyprus, Turkey i.e. Girne American University. The Girne American University (GAU) Campus is nestled under the splendor of the Besparmak Mountain range in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). It lies on a plateau overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Girne American University is an important international seat of learning. BIZTEK has a believe that GAU is equipped for the future. Very latest in educational technology in its Laboratories and Library, Internet, modern Computer equipment, a Radio Station and Satellite technology. It was founded in 1985 and has various Faculties. Its faculty members comprise of 100 full-time and 70 adjunct professors.

GAU is an affiliate and associate member of American Educational Consortium Comprising: ECIS (European Council of International Schools), ECBE (European Council for Business Education), IFBE (International Federation for Business Education), IAA (International Award Association for young people), IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education). It is accredited by Higher Education Commission in Turkey (YOK), Ministry of Education in Turkey, Higher Educational Inspection Committee in TRNC (YODAK), Ministry of Education in TRNC. The University is continuing to expand and develop its protocols for mutual cooperation, including joint projects and exchange of faculty and students with; City University, Washington, USA; National American University, South Dakota, USA and many others.

According to the contract between the two institutions BIZTEK's Programs will be the same as are being offered at GAU. Furthermore, not only the GAU staff will govern the Mid Term and Final Examinations, but the quizzes will also be analyzed and administered finally by GAU.

The students after completing their two semesters from BIZTEK will have an option to have a transfer at GAU, or to any University of the World. To sum up, affiliation gives people a chance to have an access to a series of courses offered internationally that illuminate the values of a world community, diversity, complexity, tolerance, inter-cultural thinking, collaboration and respect. Further more affiliation provides:

A sound understanding of todayís developing communication technologies;
An ability to synthesize and analyze new knowledge;
An ability to contribute towards interdisciplinary projects;
An ability for critical but creative thinking;
and to welcome positive competition;