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For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Nov 19 - 25, 2001

*** "WE SUPPORT the investigation into Ariel Sharon's responsibility with regard to the massacre."

(Human Rights watchdog, Amnesty International, backing the campaign to indict Israeli prime minister for slaughtering hundreds of Palestinians at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982. A Belgian court is hearing the case filed by 23 survivors of the cold-blooded massacre of unarmed civilians)

*** "I HAVE DECIDED to end the era of offering copy-approval to celebrities for interviews. In future we offer no 'approval' for anything words, pix or headlines. If that means we lose the 'approved' interview, c'est la vie."

(Editor of The Mirror London Piers Morgan's e-mail to his staff announcing a tough, new policy to no more allow celebrities' PRs to decide what goes into his paper)

*** "IF THE WORLD'S RICHEST countries cannot even put the health of the world's poorest people ahead of the interests of a handful of drug companies, there is not much hope of a comprehensive deal on trade in Doha."

(Chief of international relief organization Oxfam, Phil Twyford, expressing doubt about the success of WTO talks in Doha, Qatar)

*** "ONE BOMB, one bread, one bomb, one bread. This has to stop."

(Senior UN human rights official Jean Ziegler criticising the US decision to simultaneously bombard Afghanistan with bombs and food)

*** "THERE ARE THINGS that can be spoken and things that can not be spoken. I told her to think well before speaking."

(Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi barring his plain-talking foreign minister, Makiko Tanaka, from attending UN General Assembly session)


(US President George W. Bush responding to a question put by a student during his visit of a school in Texas about his differences over deployment of Missile defence system after conclusion of three-day summit with his Russian counter part Vladimir Putin)

*** "THIS REALLY does represent a breakthrough in the managing of individual depressions ... If the brain does not have the right fats, it will not be working right."

(Senior researcher at Britain's University of Oxford, Stockholm, Alexandra Richardson, saying that there is evidence that fish oil could cure mental disorders such as depression and dyslexia)

*** "TO BAN THEM can only increase the lack of information about the current situation inside the country."

(Paris-based press-watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, urging the Pakistani authorities to withdraw the ban imposed on Taliban ambassador to give press conferences)

*** "IT IS VERY ignorant for the US to continue its attacks and to display gross disrespect for the religious practices of our Muslim brothers and sisters."

(Philippino Catholic priest Father Allan Arcebuche of demanding the stoppage of US bombings in Afghanistan during the Islamic holy month of fasting, the Ramadan)

*** "AS PRESIDENT, I have the responsibility not only for my children but for all children in the country, to ensure that the responsibility of nationhood will be passed on to reliable custodians."

(Statement released by Liberian President Charles Taylor after canning his 13-year-old daughter in public for indiscipline)

*** "YES. FIRST OF ALL, I've been trying to tame our press corps ever since I got into politics, and I failed miserably."

(US President George W. Bush's sarcastic reply to a question put by a Russian reporter accusing the US of gagging the press by denying alleged suspect Osama Bin Laden an opportunity to present his views in the media)

*** "TODAY'S PIRATES are cheating the poor and are now emerging as a threat to people's right to food ... It's unacceptable for a corporation to take the genetic resources that farmers have developed and conserved, do some tweaking and then claim private monopoly on the material."

(Report titled 'Crops and Robbers' published ActionAid, an international development agency campaigning against the causes of poverty. The report says that global food security is under threat from 'bio-pirates' who take plants from developing countries, change them slightly then patent the new varieties)