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Title 47.jpg (27806 bytes)The financial results achieved by the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) in various segments of its business operations during financial year 2001 categorically deny the general perception usually considered about the performance of the public sector organizations in Pakistan. PSO's outstanding performance during the year is well reflected in its record sales revenue of Rs170 billion, up by 26 per cent over the previous year. Record profit of Rs6.4 billion, net profit of Rs2.25 billion after tax, 12.4 per cent up over the previous year, and retaining of its 17-year status of the top performing company at Karachi Stock Exchange. These are the figures in black and white, which is certainly louder than the words of praise the company really deserves.

The KSE-100 index has shown sustained improvement even after September 11 incident. The upward movement is attributed to improved fundamentals. Now it is the time to diversify investment portfolio beyond blue-chips. The number of potential companies, other than blue-chips, exceeds over two dozen. However, investors must select scrip purely on fundamentals.

he author has written this comprehensive article for the students of Economics of Commerce Colleges, Universities and IBA in order to assist them quickly appreciate the modalities involved in computation of various components of Macroeconomics.

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