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 Anthrax in Pakistan


For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Nov 12 - 18, 2001

*** "HOW ABOUT CRITICIZING the government for outright terrorism ... Britain was one of the major rogue states ...the US is supreme in these respects and not surprisingly it behaves like the others."

(Renowned American intellectual and scholar Noam Chomsky slamming India and the US for gross human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and the world at large respectively at a large anti-war congregation in New Delhi)

*** "INDIA IS a vast country with its treasures of many languages, religions, philosophies and a multiple and diverse ethos ... we cannot simply say we are with the US or against the US."

(One of over 100 top Indian film stars and other well-known personalities denouncing US military action in Afghanistan, actress Sharmila Tagore, criticizing the attitude of the United States' that 'those not with it in its war are with the terrorists')


(Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Abdus Salam Zaeef asking why the rule banning him to hold press conferences was not applicable to the US)

*** "WE WERE WRONG. We were wrong."

(One of the top US health official, Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher, admitting that authorities were 'wrong' not to have immediately prescribed antibiotics mail workers at Washington depot where two employees later died of anthrax)

*** "LEBANON'S stance is that there is difference between defining terrorism and the groups that seek to liberate their countries."

(Lebanese Finance Minister Fuad Saniora defending his country's refusal to freeze assets of Hezbollah, a movement fighting Israeli occupational forces. Hezbollah was one of the 22 groups listed by the US as militant groups)

*** "I CAN EAT good rice, play chess with my friends and fire many interesting weapons."

(Teenage-soldier Safaullah explaining reason for getting inducted with US-supported Northern Alliance fighting the ruling Taliban)

*** "A LARGE NUMBER of them have been submitting release from active duty requests, feigning that they're conscientious objectors, which is exactly what we went through in Vietnam."

(US's most decorated soldier Col. David H. Hackworth saying that the US military is unqualified to engage in combat in Afghanistan and elsewhere)

*** "We warn against any political fraud ...we will not wait 10 more years, statements alone are not enough, they must be backed up on the ground."

(Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa demanding for international action to ensure the creation of a Palestinian state. He was referring to 1993 Oslo accords which have failed to produce the desired results)

*** "DAD, we are too frightened for you to fly. Please don't go."

(Children of macho superstar Bruce Willis asking him not to fly to London to attend the premiere of his latest Hollywood blockbuster 'Bandits'. The fearless one-man-army of the big screen is reportedly too scared to fly)

*** "EVEN WHEN OUR MIND is not paying attention to extraneous information, it ends up processing it."

(Study conducted at the Psychology Department of Boston University by researcher Takeo Watanabe showing that human brain focusing on one thing can soak up other information on the side without even trying)

*** "WE ARE not a country with a sophisticated computer system, a big important telecommunications system or modern aviation system to destroy ... we have no infrastructure for the bombs to destroy and cause our country to collapse."

(Afghan Education Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi saying Taliban won't be easily defeated not because they are a sophisticated adversary)