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Title 46.JPG (30375 bytes)This year we are publishing the survey on banking sector covering both domestic and foreign commercial banks operating in Pakistan. Efforts have been made to highlight performance of banks in year 2000, issues affecting the sector, opportunities and threats. The bottomline is, the efforts by central bank to link banks with real sectors of economy have started yielding positive results.



Cement industry in Pakistan despite having a strong industrial base with an overall production capacity of 16 million tons a year is running below 50 per cent of the installed capacity due to lack of demand.
The decline in this important sector is reflected in the fact that capitalization worth Rs60 billion in 1994 has gone down to the level of Rs2.5 billion which is enough to say about the state of affairs in this sector. The industry feels that the revival of cement sector badly needs government support to survive.

Pakistan has become target of many scares and two confirmed cases of anthrax. Highly placed sources in the postal department said that "while the bacteria poses no potential threat" they have nevertheless provided masks and gloves to its sorters at three of the centers where international mail is sorted in Karachi. PAGE highlights the need not to underestimate the threat to sooth the concerns of the people

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