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Pakistan and war against terrorism

Pakistan being a victim of terrorism itself, was amongst the first few countries to condemn terrorism

Oct 29 - Nov 04, 2001

Pakistan is once again facing a situation; it would not like to be in, especially under the pressing economical circumstances.

It must be clearly understood honestly and impartially by every one as to why the present situation has arisen and what is the solution to avoid such situations in future? Well, the simple answer is.... global socio-economic injustice, non-implementation of those UN resolutions that were not in the national interest of USA and shortsighted policies of USA i.e. abandoning allies once US interests were served. But is it as simple as said? To find the solution, the global events and turning points in history of last few decades must be studied and analyzed carefully for this purpose.

Let's start from the era of cold war and Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. It was a long cherished desire of USA to make USSR bite the dust. Here was a chance when former USSR made the mistake of occupying Afghanistan. Pakistan too could not accept Indo-Soviet axial on its both flanks. Due to Pakistan's geo-strategic location and its compulsions, Pakistan accepted US patronage to eject USSR from Afghanistan. Pakistan and USA masterminded the plan and executed it to perfection by organizing, training, financing and equipping Afghan freedom fighters the Mujahidin, to defeat USSR. Once USSR was defeated, no effort was made by USA to rebuild Afghanistan or to provide political and economic stability thus leaving a vacuum resulting in anarchy and infighting within Mujahidin groups for the total control of the country. Pakistan did not have enough resources to do it. Hence Afghanistan became a sanctuary for most of the Muslim "desperados" from world over - victims of western injustice.

This was the most crucial juncture in the regional politics of Central Asia, South Asia and Middle East; Afghanistan being the hub.

Being of no use any more, USA abandoned Pakistan like a fired cartridge, leaving its close ally high and dry after nearly ten years of association. Pakistan at that stage was already suffering from heavy burden of hosting nearly three million Afghan refugees. On the domestic front it was suffering from political corruption, poor economy, negative growth rate and political instability. Pakistan was at its worst, call it rock bottom. Clamping sanctions by USA was the last nail and the finishing touch. The people of Pakistan were left with limited options.

Too heavy a price to pay for serving US interests in Afghanistan.

The Kashmir issue that was dormant for quite some time became alive after Sayad Salahuddin and other Kashmiri Muslim leaders of Indian Occupied Kashmir were defeated in Kashmir State Assembly election by rigged results. This was the last excuse for the outburst by long oppressed Kashmiris. Enough was enough. Having realized how the Kashmiris were denied freedom and basic human rights and having suffered brutal treatment at the hands of central government since independence, Kashmiris were forced to rise in revolt against India demanding the right of self-determination and freedom according to UN resolutions. Hence a fierce indigenous freedom struggle started in Kashmir. Provision of legal cover to extra-judicial killings by Indian army, BSF and State Police was the latest and the meanest insult to the injuries. Their resolve strengthened in reaction to Indian army's barbaric and inhuman acts against innocent civilians. Having defeated USSR, the Afghan, Arab and few Pakistani Mujahidin opted to join their Kashmiri brothers in freedom struggle against illegal occupation of Kashmir by India.

During this period, having won the cold war and consequent disintegration of USSR, the USA apparently turned its attention towards nuclear non-proliferation and Eastern Europe.

A considerable number out of three million Afghan refugees, was of ex-Mujahidin. These ex-Mjuahidin and their children ultimately emerged as Taliban and took control of Afghanistan by conquering 90% territory. Militarisation of Muslim extremists at home, rapid emergence of Taliban and conquest of Afghanistan in quick time still remain mysterious. Government of Pakistan either ignored the rise of Taliban and induction of militancy amongst religious organizations or was too busy in its internal politics to heed to the new development and its long-term effects. It is generally believed that creation and emergence of Taliban was facilitated, financed and supported by USA.

Pakistan having a bitter and mean enemy with malicious and territorial expansion designs on the eastern flank, could not afford to have an unfriendly neighbour on the western flank as well. Hence it was Pakistan's compulsion to have friendly Taliban in Afghanistan. Pakistan had already suffered a lot by Indian sponsored terrorism since independence.

During the same period Israel was committing all sorts of atrocities on Palestinians, making permanent settlements in occupied Arab land, flouting UN resolutions and all peace accords with the total support and backing of USA. Israel was using most advanced and lethal American military against slingshots, shot guns and AK47s. Killing flies with shot guns. This was also the time when USA and allied forces were continuously pounding Iraq resulting in death of millions of innocent civilians. USA had also killed Libyan president's daughter in military attacks and had destroyed a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan. All these events added together to alienate Muslims of the world from USA and her western allies. Thus Jihadi groups came into being in various Muslim countries, including Pakistan. When USA suffered a few retaliatory attacks, these were promptly classified as "terrorist" acts. The bogie of international terrorism was exploited to maximum by the western governments and blown out of proportion by their electronic and print media, essentially to harness Muslim freedom struggles and retaliatory attacks by Jihadi groups around the globe. India took the lead and used all its propaganda machinery to malign Pakistan by involving her in the so-called "international terrorism" and "cross border terrorism" in Kashmir that was in fact indigenous freedom struggle in character.

Pakistani leaders were busy in making money and buying properties abroad.

In last 10 years India has killed nearly 70,000 Kashmiris claiming them to be "Pakistani Atank Vadees". The so-called terrorists killed by India are buried in Kashmir; not in Pakistan. No body bags ever came to Pakistan. India claims that they were Pakistani "terrorists". The best part is that no one has ever reported in Pakistan about his/her brother, father, husband or son missing since so long. Loss of 70,000 lives means some thing for any country; it should have created a huge uproar in Pakistan had they been really Pakistanis.

Then came the tragic and the most barbaric event of this century on Sept 11, 2001. Many Pakistanis too lost their lives. The root was suspected to be in Afghanistan. Once again Pakistan was to face the brunt of becoming the Front Line State due to its geo-strategic location. Pakistan being a victim of terrorism itself, was amongst the first few countries to condemn terrorism and offered total support to international war against terrorism.

Pakistan is a moderate Muslim country struggling for its own survival besides fighting against Indian sponsored terrorism and military aggression. It can ill afford to indulge in luxuries of terrorism for obvious reasons.

Pressing some one against the wall and expect him not to hit back is a childish desire. Once the oppressed hits back, calling him terrorist is even more childish.

As envisaged, state terrorism and suppressive actions in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Philippines and Balkans etc and brutal use of power in Libya, Iraq and Sudan were bound to have negative reactions. In all these cases USA was the lead player therefore retaliatory action against USA were imminent, which finally did occur in the most terrifying form. The incidents of 11 Sept may be termed as such. It is hoped that the world community now realizes and is prepared to make use of present situation to solve all unresolved global problems/disputes like Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya and Moro etc according to the will of the people, UN resolutions and ensure that justice is done.

UNO was too quick and swift in case of East Timor.

By killing few persons or changing a government in a country will once again be a shortsighted approach. To eliminate terrorism once and for all, justice must be done to all irrespective of colour, race, region, religion and individual or national/international interests. Pakistan was at the verge of being called a terrorist or a rogue state. Events of Sept 11 were a turning point in the history of Pakistan a blessing in disguise. The present government led by General Pervez Musharraf has done commendably well to project Pakistan in its true character as a moderate Islamic state, ready to fight international terrorism. Hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder. Ironically Pakistan has always been stable and progressed well under military rule.

Unfortunately the religious extremists at home are damaging Pakistan's image and interests, destroying public and private property besides providing opportunities to India to further malign Pakistan. The world is united and fighting a war against terrorism and Pakistan is on board, right in front.

So far so good but where do we go from here? The situation is still unpredictable.

Will world community understand that state terrorism and suppressive actions are bound to create "terrorists" capable of retaliatory action? Every action has equal and opposite reaction, at times more sever than equal and opposite reaction.

Where the USA is leading the world to?

What are those circumstances which motivate and drive people to bang themselves into buildings, flying at a speed of 400-500 NM killing themselves and thousands more?

Why always discriminatory treatment with Muslim countries?

Pakistan is the only Muslim country having nuclear capability, will it be Pakistan's turn after Iraq and Afghanistan, if India succeeds in its war of propaganda against Pakistan?

Will USA keep creating extremists by alienating Muslim world?