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For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Oct 29 - Nov 04, 2001

*** "THERE IS A REASON why it is not called a crime, which it is, but a war, which it isn't. Crime is specific, and if it is a crime you have to presence evidence. It's very likely that the evidence the United States has is not credible."

(US pro-people intellectual Noam Chomsky explaining why for has chosen to call the terror attacks an act of war instead of crime. He also asked the US to exercise in what it calls its 'war against terrorism')

*** "AMERICAN THINKS that a few days of bombing will defeat the Taliban. We have been fighting for 23 years and we have yet to bring peace to Afghanistan."

(Anti-Taliban commander, General Baba Jan, saying that US air strikes, deadly as they are, would not have any major effect on the ruling Taliban, which makes a formidable foe)

*** "I WAS NO LONGER covering a story. I was the story."

(New York Times journalist and bio-terrorism writer Judith Miller explaining the odd position she found herself in when she opened a letter filled with white powder that later proved to be harmless)

*** "WE ARE AWARE of the additional financial strain Air India has to bear due to an increase in insurance costs and we wish to share in some small measure this additional financial burden."

(Letter written by the engineers of Indian flag carrier opting for a 15 per cent voluntary salary cut for three months between October and December)

*** "HOW DO YOU restore those years that you spent in prison? Maybe only God can answer that question."

(Anthony O Calabrese Jr, a US man who served 13 years in jail, asking a question to the Judge and prosecutors for his wrongful conviction after his acquittal based on DNA evidence)

*** "IN THE UNITED STATES there is support for the bombings, and the fact that some civilians are going to be killed is part of the expectation of what bombing means."

(Sociology professor at the New School University in New York, Jeffrey Goldfarb, defending civilian casualties caused by heavy bombardment of Afghanistan)

*** "ALMOST AS SHAMEFUL, much of the US media has cooperated, reducing its role from useful critics to public relations hacks."

(Syndicated columnist Eric S. Margolis criticizing the role of the US and western media to unquestioningly follow government's censorship policy to block unfavourable news about war in Afghanistan)

*** "MY VIEW on this is that we should have free and open debate, and what on earth is the government so afraid of?"

(Outspoken critic of UK's support for the US-led coalition attacks on Afghanistan, Paul Marsden, challenging Prime Minister Tony Blair to call vote on Afghan war)

*** "JUST AS THE AMERICANS used the Gulf War scenario to obtain the cover of international legitimacy ... the US found in the events of September 11 in New York and Washington a pretext to wage war against Afghanistan with an eye on the oilfields in Central Asia ..."

(Daily Al Ayyam of Bahrain explaining the 'real reasons' for its war in Afghanistan)

*** "YOU ARE SHOOTING with one hand while offering aid with the other. It really is a bit much."

(President of France's Medecins Sans Frontieres, Jean-Herve Bradol, decrying US food drops on Afghanistan as meaningless and hypocritical)

*** "I THINK America is the superpower, America is enough for Afghanistan, there is no need for Australia to come."

(Taliban's only ambassador serving abroad in Pakistan, Abdul Salam Zaeef, failing to suppress a laugh while answering a question put by an Australian reporter on his government's view about the prospect of his country's special forces joining US and UK elite troops in Afghanistan)

*** "THEY SHOULD NOT be under any misconception that if they try to take advantage, Pakistan is fully capable of defending its territory."

(President Gen Pervez Musharraf warning India not to take advantage of crisis)