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Title 44.jpg (47479 bytes)The post September 11 developments have brought Pakistan into the global limelight. The thirst for news and information about the country and the region underlines the need for developing a world-class national portal. Developing a world-class portal not only means world-class attention but also to dissuade the misconceptions overseas. PAGE makes a case for setting up a national portal without any further delay.


Flighted Money
The terrorist attack of September 11 in New York and Washington besides carrying the tragic stories of human killings, bloodshed and destruction has opened some interesting chapters also which may prove a windfall for the third world economies including Pakistan. The US and EU governments have made legislation against validity of unanimous bank accounts and the deposits of ill-gotten money which they suspect is being used for acts of terrorism. The size of the drained out money from Pakistan has risen to the level of $100 billion over a period of time. A real follow up to get back this money would certainly change the shape of the scathed economy of this poor country.

Sugar Industry
Sugar mills in Pakistan are expected to commence crushing season with around 0.65 million tonnes sugar in stock. A lot of funds are stuck in huge inventory of sugar. Though, the government is insisting on starting of sugarcane crushing in early November, mills will find it very difficult to make timely payment to growers even if they commence sugar production next month unless additional funds are made available.

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