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With the war in neighbouring Afghanistan, Pakistanís economy cannot remain immune. Economic slowdown will adversely affect the earnings potential of listed companies as well as reduce their debt servicing ability. In this scenario, the investors must explore the best possible opportunities to maximize their return.



"The truth is out there", writes Maliha R. Ilias from Washington DC. This article is about the role of media based on her observation of the "Post 11th September scenario". In her opinion journalism is all about covering the black, the white and the gray because reporting is not about taking sides or about highlighting some things at the expense of others.

Though US Secretary of State Colin Powell visited Pakistan and India in a whirlwind fashion last week, the most outstanding outcome of the visit from Pakistan's point of view must be the recognition of Kashmir dispute as the central issue between the two countries. He also indicated the willingness of the US to play a "role" in the resolution of differences between India and Pakistan. This would certainly help Pakistan to get resolve the issue in accordance with the UN resolutions on Kashmir.

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