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Institution Profile

Orientation & Training at BIZTEK

Oct 08 - 14, 2001

BIZTEK being the Business Studies provider has come into existence with the ambition to enable its students to acquire the skills to plan, implement and control activities within organization. The institute is affiliated with Girne American University (GAU) whose programs are of high academic standards. Its course contents, credit hours and duration of programs are in line with those offered at GAU. Three different levels of Degrees are awarded in Business Administration. The credit hours obtained at Biztek are transferable to any university in UK or USA.

The Campus has a unique and outstanding environment because of its spacious area and architecture. It has arranged many of the facilities for its student including sports, extra curricular activities, along with well equipped computer labs. The class rooms are furnished with all teaching aids such as OHP and Multimedia Projection System. A fully air conditioned library houses all relevant text books that can be required by the students. In order to facilitate the students to reach the Main Campus, the institute has arranged a shuttle van service from all major areas of the city. An air-conditioned cafeteria has been provided to keep the environment relaxing and pleasant. Punctuality and attendance have been set as prerequisites to appear in the examination.

Besides the above mentioned facilities provided at BIZTEK, it consists of qualified instructors, consultants and industry experts who have a vast experience in their respective fields along with several years of combined IT and industry experience.

The exchange of faculty between BIZTEK and the GAU will be an extra benefit which students will get to enhance their abilities and skills. Being a true practitioner of what is said, and aimed, BIZTEK has decided and has given scholarship to all those students who have attained 65% or above marks in the intermediate whether they have applied for ASc., BSc., or an MBA Program

Training at BIZTEK has been firmly aimed to aid students in encouraging and achieving self development, self confidence, leadership skills, motivation, loyalty and better attitudes. BIZTEK has always given and will always give the first place to its orientation and training programs to be offered to its students. Orientation plays a major role in everybody's life whether he is a student studying in any institution or an employee working in any organization. It paves the way for the socialization of the students which is such a process through which a person begins to understand and accept the values, norms and trends held by others in the institution or organization. The basic factors because of which the Orientation & Training programs should be conducted are as follows:

It fosters pride in belonging to a new quality institution/company.
It creates an awareness of the scope of the institution's objectives and prospects.
It creates the enthusiasm among students to speed the development of a contributing team member.
Clarifies the standards of quality by which performance is measured.
Establishes that the responsibility for personal growth and development is shared by the students and management.

Keeping the above factors in mind, Biztek, last week arranged the Orientation Program for its new entrants in the Bachelors of Science Degree in Business.

Administration Program. This program was basically arranged to help new students fit in, and to familiarize them with their future roles, rules and regulations of the institution, its objectives and acquaintance about the staff and the faculty members. After the recitation of the Holy Quran, the welcome speech was delivered by the academic coordinator, Ms.Adila Khan. Her message covered some of the important aspects of academics, purpose of true education and the development of a zeal among students to work and study with devotion, determination and commitment. After that the Director Academics of BIZTEK, Prof. Dr. S. M. Makhdumi who being foreign qualified, very much experienced, and seasoned in the field of education and being attached with NED University as a Senior Official, highlighted all the mandatory aspects to study at BIZTEK. His speech covered the worth mentioning points of Business Studies, teaching plans, curriculum, course outlines, grading, library rules, and the facilities to be provided to the students. Then addressed the faculty member, Prof. M. A. Kidwai who besides having foreign qualification, have 40 years of vast teaching experience and presently engaged as Dean, Chairman and acting Vice Chancellor of NED University. Prof. M. A Qidwai stressed on the students to have a courage and enthusiasm to ask as many questions as they can and should feel free to have his assistance anytime. Mr. Asim Kaleem, having attached with other renowned institutions of Karachi, and being a trainer of Computers and Information Systems advised and stressed the students on having never ending zest and courage to gain knowledge from all possible resources. At the end of the session the visitors were offered High tea.

To sum up, training at BIZTEK intends to develop a sense of responsibility among students with knowledge and competence. It is the ambition of BIZTEK to impart such a true education to its students through which students become more fully integrated into the organizations where they work, and meet all the acceptable levels of satisfaction, productivity, growth dynamism and the standards set for them by their future employers. In short BIZTEK firmly believes that,

"Well begun is half done"