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For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Oct 08 - 14, 2001

*** "THAT IS a real (Wild West) Clint Eastwood Town."

(Veteran Britain's Special Air Serviceb and a former trainer of Afghan guerillas, Tom Carew, referring to Pakistani city Quetta which borders Afghanistan warning the Americans that Afghans make ferocious foes)

*** "THEY HAD MADE A REQUEST to us that they wanted to participate ... and we accepted it."

(Senior official of Pakistan Cricket Board saying that despite facing an imminent US attack, Afghanistan asked Pakistan for permission to participate in the prestigious Quaid-e-Azam Trophy tournament this month)

*** "WE ARE MILITARY MEN, we don't joke with anyone. Mistakes cannot be repeated. If it is repeated, it means it is planned and we will confront them, we will defend our airspace."

(Iranian Defence Minister Admiral Ali Shamkhani warning the US against violating its airspace during expected strikes against neighbouring Afghanistan and asking it to be careful about 'accidental stray over its territory')

*** "AS SOON AS we agree on a definition of terrorism, everything else falls into place."

(US legislators on the problems of defining terrorism for writing new anti-terrorism legislation)

*** "THERE'S NO CHAOS in the streets in Kandahar ...The restive Afghanis are eagerly waiting for their enemy."

(Pakistani religious scholar, Mufti Mohammad Jameel, describing usual activities in Afghanistan after his return as part of 10-member religious delegation which met with leader of ruling Taliban, Mullah Omar)

*** "THOSE WHO INTERVENED and tried to plant their own preferred leaders in Afghanistan paid a very high price for that blunder."

(Pakistani Foreign Minister Abdus Sattar warning against attempts to provide military assistance, particularly the Northern Alliance, to install anti-Taliban government in Afghanistan)

*** "WE RAIN BOMBS on Iraq, then we're surprised we're hated."

(Reverend Graylan Hagler speaking at 100,000-strong anti-war protest in Washington DC opposing US military retaliation against Afghanistan)

*** "THE ISLAMIC WORLD cannot accept that the west turns a blind eye to the acts of terror that Israel carries out . . . How can the United States lead an international campaign to fight terrorism while at the same time it supports Israel and Israeli terrorism."

(Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi accusing the West of using double-standards when dealing with terrorism)

*** "THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE with a perfect hatred for Islam and this has given them the ideal excuse to exercise their ignorance."

(Coordinator of the Society for Afghan Residents representing 40,000 Afghans living in the UK commenting on the growing backlash against Muslims)

*** "AFGHANISTAN does not have a leadership vacuum ... Imposed puppets do not last long in Afghanistan."

(Leader of ruling Taliban of Afghanistan, Mullah Mohammad Omar, commenting on the attempts to install a 'friendly' government headed by exiled King Zahir Shah)

*** "WOULD WE TOLERATE this kind of boycott, the starving of Czechs, for example? No. We've done some specific things that are perceived as reflecting either an indifference to or a hostility to Muslims."

(Professor of Religion at Dartmouth, A. Kevin Reinhart, attributing grievances over US policy in the Middle East and sanctions against a number of Muslim countries for fuelling anti-US sentiments)

*** "WE HAVE BEEN the cowards lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That's cowardly."

(US comedian Bill Maher referring to the 1998 US cruise missile attacks against Afghanistan and Sudan)

*** "WE ARE LETTING THE WEST KNOW that calling the terrorist attacks in the United States Islamic terror represents, for millions of Muslims, moral terrorism."

(Spiritual leader of Muslims in the Caucasus region, Allahshukyur Pashazade, addressing a conference on Islam in Azerbaijan capital of Baku)

*** "center photo: GN 26.9 p 20' caption: Anti-war rally in Chicago