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Title 40.jpg (39487 bytes)Pakistan's importance in the current escalated struggle against terrorism has been enhanced by the fact that it has become a frontline state in the US campaign against terrorism. In the backdrop of formidable economic challenges the next budget may widen the trade account deficit and drastic cut in revenue collections. Export orders from USA and EU either being cancelled or in a hold. International airlines are suspending their flight operations to Pakistan. The influx of Afghan refugees is yet another aspect having potentiality of social and economic risks.


The Pakistani aviation and insurance industries, which by their very nature are heavily interlinked globally, as well as the country's heavy dependence on foreign shipping lines to facilitate its foreign trade are feeling the pinch of the terrorist attacks in the US on the one hand and the new-acquired frontline status.

The sizeable portion of the US population, its very citizens themselves, which was made to bear the brunt of the backlash of the terror attacks in the US on September 11. Muslims across the US, and for that matter wherever they formed a visible majority across the developed world, were booed, jeered, reviled, harassed, threatened, attacked and even murdered in what the press called 'hate crimes.'

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