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Oracle 1Z0-042 (Database 10g Administration I) Certification Exam

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There are 84 questions on the Oracle 1Z0-042 (Database 10g Administration I) exam and 120 minutes in which to complete them.

The following exam topics are included on the 1Z0-042 test:

1. Managing Schema Objects - Exam candidates will be expected to create and modify tables, to create views and sequences and to define constraints and states of constraints.

2. Creating an Oracle Database - Exam candidates should have the ability to use DBCA to manage templates and to use DBCA to create and delete databases.

3. Architecture - Exam candidates will be required to explain the Oracle instance architecture,to outline the Oracle Architecture and its main components.

The Oracle 1z0-042 exam is part of the Oracle Certification Program. The exam is associated with certification to qualify for the Oracle Database 10g DBA OCA position.