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By Syed M.Aslam
Jan 22 - 28, 2001

*** "IWant to be in Europe, but not run by Europe."

(British Conservative Opposition leader William Hague taking a sceptic stance on joining the membership of European Union, particularly the joining of single currency, Euro)

*** "It is timE to return to the principles of international legality: the banning of the acquisition of territory by force, the rights of peoples to self-determination, respect for the resolutions of the United Nations, and the Geneva Conventions."

(Pope John Paul II urging peace in the Middle East)

*** " I DON'T WANT TO. She's horrible. I want to go back to school."

(Five-year-old Anna Engstrom selected to present flowers to Princess Anne refusing to cooperate while protesting within the earshot of the princess at a ceremony in Suffolk)

*** "WE ARE FAST approaching saturation point, but when that will be is anyone's guess."

(Finland's Ministry of transport and communication' spokesman Mikael Akermarck commenting on being the world's most active cellphone users. Over 73 out of every 100 Finns have a cellular phone)

*** "I THINK THE GREATEST INEQUALITY is the fact that 5 billion people on earth don't have access to the medicines that a billion people have. I'm sure for my whole lifetime, even beyond, the world health is going to be our top priority."

(Bill Gates, the world's richest man turn philanthropist, outlining his priority. Gates outspends US to battle global health threats)

*** " THE USE OF DEPLETED URANIUM against Iraq has caused strange diseases and an abnormal rise in cases of leukaemia, and cancers of lungs, skin and digestive system."

(Official Iraqi news agency asking the United Nations and concerned world bodies to investigate the use of depleted uranium-tipped weapons by US-lead forces in the 1991 Gulf War)

*** "HOW MANY Iraqi children have you killed?

(One of a score of protesters shouting as British Prime Minister Tony Blair was hit by a tomato as he arrived at city of Bristol College)

*** "THE GOAL is to bring some accurate, sensible, practical advice. Ultimately, we have a responsibility to our passengers."

(A British Airways spokesman announcing the airline will give passenger warning leaflets about the risks of potentially fatal blood clots on long haul flights alongwith the tickets. Some 20,000 people die each year in Britain from blood clots, about 10% of which are related to air travel dubbed "economy class syndrome")

*** "AS A NATURALISED FRENCH CITIZEN, you would have the same full rights as all other French citizens. That includes running for the presidency."

(French historian Patrick Weil's open letter to outgoing US President Bill Clinton advising him to apply for French nationality to contest 2002 Presidential election. He advised Clinton to benefit from a little-known nationality law for former French territory Arkansas, where he was born, was once part of French Louisiana)

*** "IT'S UTTER NONSENSE. But I'm a Sagittarius, so I'm naturally Skeptical."

(Celebrated author of the novel '2001: A Space Odyssey, Arther C. Clarke, replying to a question if he believes in astrology)

*** "...SINCERELY TO ALL Indonesian people, especially Muslims, for our product which had caused anxiety among the people..."

(Japanese food seasoning giant Ajinomoto's advertised apology to Indonesia over the use of pig enzymes in its flavour enhancer product)

*** "WE ARE NOT PLANNING civil disobedience. We are going to be orderly but extremely militant."

(Organizer Sarah Sloan on the massive anti-Bush protests at the swearing-in ceremony of President-elect George W. Bush in Washington D.C)