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The KalSoft (Pvt) Limited, a reputed name in the field of Information Technology is about to be certified by ISO-9001 sometimes next month, aims at listing its shares on the board of stock exchange. Beside ISO 9001 certification, KalSoft is also in the process of achieving CMM-I, II and III levels during the year. It may be mentioned that there are only 41 IT companies all over the world which have acquired CMM-V certification and out of the total 24 CMM certified companies exist in India. KalSoft will have the honour to be the first in Pakistan.


Utility consumers are about to face yet another shock in the form of exorbitant raise in gas prices as the government has reportedly decided to increase tariff of natural gas by 12 to 18 per cent across the board to bag Rs. 10 to 15 billion out of consumers pocket.

The KSE is expected to approach the courts of law against the recent directive of the SECP regarding imposed amendments in Articles of the Exchange. The expected negotiations between the two seem to be a futile effort keeping in view the indications of the KSE to challenge the powers of the Commission in the courts of law.