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Institution Profile
Dadabhoy University: An Emerging Centre of Excellence

Sep 24 - 30, 2001

The demand for professional education is rapidly increasing everywhere in the world. Parallel to this requirement, the educational institutions must offer various academic programs in accordance with the current needs. The contribution and commitment of educational institutions toward the personal, social, and career development goal of the students is the most important prerequisite to produce true challengers, who are fully trained for leadership roles in the various segments of the economy.

Dadabhoy Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, accepted the challenge to fill the yawning gap between the supply of and demand for quality professionals for meeting the development needs of the country during in the 21st century. A year earlier, Dadabhoy Institute of Management Sciences (DIMS) was established by the Foundation with an objective to enhance the economic potential of Pakistan by raising the capability and productivity of human resources through quality education for greater performance in the field of Management and Computer Science and other related areas. DIMS has emerged as a reservoir of quality education and training for developing a pool of human resources. It exemplifies the leading position in launching Java Training Program in association with Operation Badar and in collaboration with Sindh IT Board. Simultaneously, Dadabhoy Foundation has also established Dadabhoy Law Institute (DLI), which is the first Law College in the private sector at Karachi. The Institute organized seminars, workshops and courses on topics of public interest during the last year and initiated the process of providing quality education in Law to contribute towards the achievement of lofty mission of Dadabhoy Foundation. How fast we have advanced in the achievement of our objective is evident from the fact that only in a short span of one year, we have become a full-fledged University.

This one-year has been a period of immense activity as laying the foundation of an institution of such stature, offering quality education in congenial environment through a faculty comprising highly educated and skilled professionals called for herculean efforts. By the grace of Allah, the Almighty, our efforts have borne fruit. We are now laden with opportunities of offering still better facilities of education in the fields of Management, Computer Science, Economics and Law.

While such achievements are a source of satisfaction, these also pose greater challenges to our future commitments. The expectations of the students, parents, nominating organizations and the community at large have to be met to live up to the set tradition of excellence. Insha Allah, this University will rise to the occasion to win laurels from all concerned in times to come.

Dadabhoy University has emerged on the map of educational sector as a full-fledged University, whose initial brick had already been cemented by the name of Dadabhoy Institute of Management Sciences (DIMS) followed by Dadabhoy Law Institute (DLI). The University offers effective and comprehensive education at graduate, undergraduate, and executive levels through its highly qualified faculty working in a congenial environment. It is fully equipped to offer under graduate and graduate degrees to cater to the educational needs of the students in accordance with today's demand. The University offers quality programs that are in demand and will fill in the gap in supply of certain areas of education. The University follows the latest methods of academics to impart quality education. These are the foundations for educational excellence, which are required for professional growth.

The University will include faculties out of which four, namely, Computer Science, Business Administration, Economics, and Law are functional. These are functioning at the present campus in Defence Housing Society, Karachi, while the remaining faculties such as Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Art Architecture, Islamic Learning, and Commerce are in the pipeline.

Our vision is reflected in the programs being conducted by above said faculties and extends to strengthening the foundation of Dadabhoy University, which gives an exclusively single banner to all pillars of Dadabhoy Foundation. Our vision encompasses the following:

•To develop a university, which will exemplify a true embodiment of the most futuristic approach for technical and professional education.
To impart professional knowledge of Computer Science, Business Administration, Economics, Law, Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology as responsive to the prevalent business environment.
•To equip students with the knowledge, intellect and skills essential to succeed in future academic and professional endeavors and contribute to the rapid development of country's human resources.
•To improve management practices in Pakistan.

In the current semester, we have offered courses keeping in view the market demands. Under the banner of Dadabhoy Law Institute, three-year evening LL.B course based on syllabus approved by the Pakistan Bar Council as well as short courses on vital subjects related to Law, are being offered. Moreover, in order to cater to contemporary requirements, the faculties of Law and Business Administration, Dadabhoy University offer a joint degree day Program. This unique opportunity will enable students to get two degrees in three years, namely MBA & LL.B, and MSc (Econ) & LL.B. This program requires application to and acceptance for admission by both the faculties of Law and Business Administration/Economics. Every year there shall be two semesters. Students shall have to study courses offered by both the Law and Business Administration/Economics faculties simultaneously. Students will be soundly prepared for the traditional practice of law as well as careers in business and Government/public sector.

This double-degree program endeavors to maintain the highest academic and professional standards by offering an educational opportunity at a quality institution and the students will have an exciting, challenging, and rewarding three years, which will be used for a life time. In this double-degree program, we have attempted a unique combination of innovative programs built on traditional and modern education to prepare lawyers and businessmen for work and practice in the 21st century. We are committed to provide innovative approaches while retaining the elements of a traditional base. Here, not only we teach about concepts and their mechanics, but also their application, critical appreciation, and jurisprudence. Today Law and Business Administration/Economics are acclaimed to be instruments of social and economic change. As such this program will inculcate in the students the ability to master this instrument, emphasizing on both the experiences transnationally and from our own heritage as well.

Dadabhoy University is the first University in Karachi to launch a 4-year BSc (Hons.) degree with concentration in Computer Science, Business Administration, and Economics together with minors in areas such as Mathematics and Social Sciences, so as to provide students with opportunities to be well-versed in all the areas considered necessary for socially responsible career. Our graduates will find themselves well-equipped with knowledge during their practical life.

In addition, a number of courses have been announced aimed at providing opportunities to our students to study the market-oriented courses encompassing latest developments in syllabii. The courses offered in the present semester include MBA (Morning/Evening), MBIT (Morning/Evening), MCS (Morning/Evening), MS, Working Professionals.Executive MBA/MBIT/MCS (Week end), BBA (Hons.), BBIT (Hons.) and BCS.

Substantial efforts are put in, to achieve a balance between extra curricular activities and academics. Focus on the extracurricular activities provide a relief from the pressure of academics. We have indoor sports facilities, and activities of other dramatics to be displayed in the auditorium for students to enable them to spend their leisure in more socially productive manner. Our strategic approach is to start our academic activities from the city campus and move on gradually to the main Campus at Hawksbay where many more comprehensive degrees would be awarded upon completion of the required course work and practical laboratory programs.

The students at Dadabhoy University are taught by highly qualified, talented and dedicated teachers who share a single goal: to prepare students for the diverse opportunities available to them as professionals. The teachers of the University are accessible, computed and dedicated to their teaching mission. Most of our faculty member are leading scholars in their respective fields. Students are required to work closely with classmates who should become life long friends and colleagues.

The mission of the Dadabhoy University is to develop a spirit of learning, understanding and action in the students so that they could conceptualize the real picture of business world in their minds by obtaining the latest knowledge with emphasis on implementation. We will continue to keep students' morals high for true sense of achievement in education and sense of social responsibility with integrity, solidarity, and tolerance. Our vision is clear, our mission is noble and objectives are set to provide us with such insight that is needed to spread the light of education in the fields of Management, Computer Science, Economics, Law and other contemporary disciplines in the wake of 21st century. Our University is committed to usher in an era of progress by providing quality education in chosen fields.