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Institution Profile

Sep 24 - 30, 2001

NOMAN ABID, President & Chief Executive, BIZTEK talks to PAGE

BIZTEK Institute of Business & Technology has been established to promote quality education at an affordable cost. It has come into existence with the guidance of leading local & international educationists. In a short span of time, BIZTEK has emerged itself as a quality education provider.

Every education loving person is aware of this fact that the purpose of being educated is not only to be learned but, it is basically to impart knowledge and implement learning in his life. But unfortunately, the educational institutions in our country have turned into the manufacturers of half baked scholars who come out with just a load of book learning from which, they are not that well equipped for the challenges of the 3rd Millennium. In fact it proves to be worse than useless in the society.

Now the urgent need is to change the overall strategy of education and not only to change it, but to make it an action. Students must be provided with such a knowledge which should enhance all their talents to the maximum level and should develop their personality from all aspects. The education in reality should be so reasonable, accessible, promising, and truthful that it can be received by each and every member of the society so that he can prove himself to be an emblem of integrity, honesty and devotion for others to follow.

It is truly said,

"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world"

The above statement plays a major role in everybody's life, because the best mother will always develop the best person morally, socially, and ethically. But at the same time worldly education is also to be given to a child so that he feels fit in the society with courage, confidence and competence.

Education in its true sense is the only thing in a person's life that makes him aware of the facts of life and develops in him, the qualities and virtues of life like devotion, perseverance, self sacrifice and fellow feelings.

Alhumdulilah BIZTEK'S City Campus has been in operation since three months and after its remarkable success, the launching of Main Campus at Korangi Creek has paved the way for all those ambitious and committed students who want to do something very useful and beneficial in their lives. The Main Campus of BIZTEK is situated on an area of 500,000 sq. ft. (over 11 acres) of land at Korangi Creek. Initially a three-storied building having built up area of over 35,000 sq. ft. has been completed with all the essential facilities required for a modern institute of higher learning. The campus has a unique and outstanding environment because of its location and architecture. It is one of the unique Institutes in the private sector, which has facilities for sports and extra-curricular activities along with hi-tech educational environment, state of the art computer labs and a highly functional library. The faculty is dedicated to give its best under the guidance of senior professors from the field of academics. The building houses Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Computer Labs, Faculty Rooms, Library, Administration, Cafeteria and Student Centre. All the classrooms labs etc. are air-conditioned to provide a comfortable and a peaceful environment for learning.

The dynamic administration, qualified, and seasoned staff members, very congenial and fully facilitated environment, very spacious area, highly qualified and experienced faculty members with a flair for knowledge, numerous facilities, most reasonable fee structure, foreign affiliation of BIZTEK with Girne American University, and on the top its quality education that has been promised to all those who study at BIZTEK are some of the features that are possessed by no other institution in Karachi except BIZTEK. Moreover, BIZTEK aims to inculcate all the mental and physical activities of the students through which they express all their talents and abilities to the fullest.

The Degree Programs offered at BIZTEK are not only unique but will definitely prove to be most demanded because of their international affiliation with Girne American University (GAU). The Associate & Bachelor Degrees of Science in Business Administration with the specializations in Accounting, Banking & Finance, Economics, Marketing, International Business Management, Management Information System and Human Resource Management are very handsome and unique offers to all those who want to pursue their career in the fields of Business Management & Information Technology.

Besides, the Post Graduate Degree Program (MBA) in Business administration is offered in the fields of Business Management, Financial Management, International Business Management, Marketing and MIS.

Moreover the exchange of faculty between BIZTEK and GAU will be an extra benefit which students will avail to enhance and upgrade their abilities, knowledge and skills. The students after the completion of the second semester will have a choice to have a transfer from BIZTEK to GAU or to any accredited Institution, all over the world.

As a matter of fact the true purpose of education is known by a few in today's fast moving world. It is true that in order to be online with the technological innovations and inventions, education should be utmost to the fullest but, many of the educational institutions have forgotten how it is to be expanded and why? Rather, the whole education imparting philosophy has been changed according to the new market trends. Those are considered successful, and prosperous who are in a position to grow their institute with respect to number rather than with respect to quality. The result is the prevailing situation of the society which is full of agitation, frustration and hopelessness and a person has to engulf this reality that he did not make a right choice in regard of his career making. What we need is to enable our spirits and to think positively and purposefully about the development of the virtuous field of education. If every education providing institution realizes that education is to be imparted and not to be sold then quality education can be guaranteed to every member of our society with all aspects.

To sum up, BIZTEK firmly believes that, "Doing is Believing"

About GAU

The management selected affiliation with Girne American University (GAU), since it is accredited by various authorities internationally and its degree programs are recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC), Pakistan. The courses have been designed by GAU keeping in mind the futuristic needs of the young generation. The required faculty from GAU will be available to this institute. The programs have been so formulated that credit hours requirement, rules and regulations for academic pursuit are in line with any world-renowned University whether in USA or UK of good standing. The cost has been minimized keeping the income of our country in our minds. With best academic and allied facilities at the University Campus, one can graduate in Business Administration, with specializations in diverse fields in 32 months at a cost less than one fifth (1/5) of the cost of studying in USA and one third (1/3) of the cost of studying in TRNC.

GAU's Accreditations and Associations

Accredited by: Higher Education Commission in Turkey (YOK), Ministry of Education in Turkey, Higher Educational Inspection Committee in TRNC (YODAK), Ministry of Education in TRNC. Accreditation candidate International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), the leading accrediting body for business schools. The University is continuing to expand and develop its protocols for mutual cooperation, including joint projects and exchange of faculty and students with; City University, Washington, USA; National American University; South Dakota, USA; The University of Northern Virginia, Falls Church, USA; London University, UK; Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK; Leicester University, UK; Huron University, South Dakota, USA; Lynn University, USA; Florida Atlantic University, USA; Alash University, Kazakhstan; Khazar University, Azerbaijan; University of Lagos, Nigeria; Azerbaijan University, Baku; Mountain State University, West Virginia USA, University of Rio Grande, Ohio, USA; West Virginia University, Virginia, USA, Ankara University, Turkey; Istanbul Technical University, Turkey; Hacettepe University, Turkey; Gazi University, Turkey; Miras University, Kazakhstan; Azerbaijan Science Academy; Azerbaijan Medical University; Odal Residency University; Tefekkur University; Prof. Politologie Institution, Kazakhstan; Baku State University, Azerbaijan; Institute of Science, Tataristan; Institute of History, Tataristan; Institute of Administration, Tataristan; Academy of Science, Tataristan; Institute of Ethnography, Baskirdistan; Russian Academy of Science, Baskirdistan; Bati University Azerbaijan; Azerbaijan University, Azerbaijan; Society of Business Practitioners, UK.