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Affiliation with isra University in near future

Sep 24 - 30, 2001

The Institute of Management & Information Technology (IMIT) which has carved a respectable place in the field of education within a short span of time, is going to upgrade its faculties with the elevation of the institute to university status in near future.

Currently, offering various diploma and short courses, the IMIT is in the process of entering into affiliation with ISRA University to award degrees in various IT and Business Management courses. Syed Abis Raza Rizvi, Training Manager of IMIT, stated this in an interview to PAGE.

He said that IT education which, is quite different from what he called the traditional education system, calls for a strong academic background of the students to get a true advantage of the IT education. Explaining his point of view, Abis said that in the traditional system of education, the students get through the exams by using different tactics such as by note or cheating. In the IT education people having such traits may not get anything out of it. It is a system of education where one has to demonstrate in practically what he claims to be. The phrase "survival for the fittest" exactly applies on IT education, because only degree or diploma will not serve the purpose, one has to perform practically. He suggested that in order to get maximum advantage of the global opportunities on account of IT education, a strong academic background is a must for that intended to enter this field. He said that diploma and short courses in IT education being provided by IMIT and other institutes are in fect of the supportive nature and could be helpful in career building who have a sold education background.

Regarding the future of IT graduates especially in the backdrop of current setback in the United States, Abis said that true education is always helpful in the long run. It is true that the demand for IT professionals has registered a decline in the International market, however it is a temporary phase. There are ups and downs in every field hence we should not give up the hopes. He feels that there are tremendous opportunities for IT professionals within the country as majority of the business houses and government sector organizations have yet to go on automation. People always resist the new concepts and that is the case in Pakistan also. However this resistance may not prolong as the revolutionary impacts brought by the cutting edge technology would have to be acknowledged one day even by the rigid.

Replying to another question, Abis said that hardware sector also offers tremendous opportunities if small-scale cottage industry is allowed to develop for manufacturing of unbranded PCs and accessories and spares. He said that joint ventures with large manufacturing houses in Singapore, Malaysia and other countries can be established in Pakistan for manufacturing of computers. He said that currently, a large number of unbranded computers are imported because of existence of a large market in Pakistan. By developing a local industry we can cater to the local needs as well as exporting the Pakistan made computers to the developing countries. He said that our talented youth have the potential to develop the cottage industry for hardware manufacturing provided they were financially supported by the banking sector.

It is however unfortunate that despite establishment of various organizations for small-scale industries and micro financing, the benefit of these schemes was never allowed to the deserving and talented youth. It is of course a tragic and deplorable situation that only the privileged class or those who offers the commission or percentage have the access to the financial sector.

Abis said that IMIT was established almost a year back by a team of seasoned and reputed people in the field of IT education. The mission of the Institute is to give the nation a qualified and trained management and IT professionals having strong character, sense of responsibility, selfless service to the nation and capabilities to compete with the world for building strong and prosperous Pakistan.

The Institute of Management & Information Technology is just not an addition of another institute for management and IT education said Syed Abis Raza Rizvi, who is the Training Manager of the Institute, in fact the collaborated efforts of experienced and renowned computer educationists who have joined hands together with the following objectives which differentiate it from other institutes.

The IMIT was established with an aim to provide quality IT and Management education to the youth to develop skill and expertise as per international trend and standards.

The Institute is working hard to produce professionals with exportable software skills who may bring IT revolution in Pakistan. IMIT making untiring efforts to provide advisory services to IT Industry for software development and human resource development especially in IT sector.

The Institute coordinates and works with other organizations to promote IT for the benefit of the youth as well as the country. Besides imparting education in various disciplines, attention is also paid to build character by improving morals, integrity, attitude and sense of responsibility amongst the students.