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A significant addition to Education sector of Pakistan

Sep 24 - 30, 2001

Dadabhoy University and IT City, the twin projects spread over 250 acres of land at Karachi shore near Hawks Bay scheme is shortly to come on the ground.

The university adjacent to Pakistan's first IT city will be providing the raw material to the IT city in the form of quality graduates in various modern disciplines including Information Technology and Business Management.

Hasnain Kazmi, a veteran academician is currently taking care of the University as its Vice Chancellor told PAGE that besides imparting the much needed education of modern concepts especially in the IT and Business Management, the university aims to co-relate the modern education with social and traditional values to produce graduates with perfect human and scientific knowledge.

He said that ever growing interests in commercialization and materialism, the developed world is fast loosing values, which give strength to any society to stand upon. The trend has damaged the values in our society also. The university will make all efforts to adorn its faculties with a spirit for revival of that spirit of human values, which was once the identity of our society.

Kazmi said that the main campus would be built after proper engineering designs are made. For this purpose we have assigned the task to reputed Consulting Engineering firms who are well known internationally. The terms of reference have been finalized and a firm has been engaged on this work. We have asked the engineering consultants and architects to propose the various building plans and facilities keeping in view the international standards. The main campus would not only be unique in its architectural design but would also be innovative. The new campus scheduled to be completed shortly.

Spread over 150 acres, Dadabhoy University will have ample space to provide essential facilities to the students and the faculty. The University has been planned with a view to imparting quality education with considerable emphasis on comfort and facilities to the students. The establishment of a Main campus of Dadabhoy University will lead to building up of an Education City. The land is located within the notified boundaries of Hawks Bay scheme. The road network of the scheme has already been constructed and development of other infrastructure facilities is under progress. The proposed Northern Bypass, which will connect the Super Highway to the Karachi port, passes in the vicinity of main campus of the university. The university is committed to offer professional education tailored to the requirements of the dynamic business sector in Pakistan, which demand high quality professionals to accelerate rapid economic and social growth. It will help in reducing the current large scale unemployment and promote development and training of qualified professionals in the areas of Computer Science, Business Administration, Law, Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Arts & Architecture, Islamic Learning, Economics and Commerce for both national and international organizations.

Dadabhoy internet city

This is a bold step towards strengthening the nation's foundation by imparting knowledge together with providing the path for career development. This Internet City will be producing quality professionals and will be providing opportunities to IT professionals so that they could carve out a niche for themselves on career path. Dadabhoy Internet City located on 100 acres and situated adjacent to Dadabhoy University will turn out to be a solution for alleviating the increasing unemployment graph in Pakistan.

The Internet City project will provide infrastructure, environment and attitude to local and foreign IT companies to fully exploit the potential of being adjacent to world's major markets stretching from Central Asia to South Asia, China and pacific region. The prime objective of the Internet City is to provide peaceful place for technology development backed by world class infrastructure in a friendly and smooth environment away from the menace of city congestion. Supported by IT and Telecom Division, government of Pakistan, Sindh IT Board, the project will provide following facilities to IT companies.

High speed data communication links.
Satellite earth station
Video teleconferencing facility for visual connection with worldwide customers
Multi flashing system for voice
Data and video robust and scaleable connectivity
Local and international software development houses
Hardware and communication service providers
E-business and E-infrastructure providers

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recently issued a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to Dadabhoy Institute of Management Sciences (DIMS) for establishment of a university in Karachi.