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Title 39.jpg (41744 bytes)There is a phenomenal growth of IT institutions but most of them offering course aimlessly. Situation demands for improved inter-action between IT institutions and IT industry and the corporate sector to impart market-oriented education. It is good that some large groups of companies, industries, business houses and builders have jumped into the IT arena. They are investing massively for establishing IT Institutes and Universities. With the economics, they should have consideration for providing education at an affordable price to the deserving people.


Terror attacks in the US on September 11 sent strong ripples across the world leaving no single economy untouched. Overnight, Pakistan turned into a frontline state against the anti-terrorism campaign. Meanwhile, the three stock markets plunged to loose quarter of a trillion rupee losses. The wide fluctuation in dollar, sharp increase in the gold and petroleum prices all pose a serious cause of concerns for the country.

The approval of a soft loan of $250 million by the Asian Development Bank for the development of Agriculture Sector is a manifestation of the confidence of the bank on the policy initiatives taken by the present government for revitalising the farm sector.

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