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The current situation is certainly a challenge for Pakistan leadership

Sep 17 - 23, 2001

Man's inhumanity to man...makes countless thousands mourn. This is what exactly happened in New York and Washington when the World Trade Centre, one of the tallest building was razed to the ground and the Pentagon was partially damaged in a well planned gory drama claiming thousands of precious lives on Tuesday.

Some unknown men launched a simultaneous air attack against US political and financial centres with 4 hijacked aircraft. Two of the hijacked planes slammed into the World Trade Center, razing it to the ground in New York; another crashed into the Pentagon and the fourth one in Pennsylvania. The exact number of deaths in this devastating attack is yet to be known however the loss of the precious human lives is feared to be in thousands.

President George Bush has said that US had taken all appropriate steps to protect the American people. "Make no mistake, the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts," Bush said.

President General Pervez Musharraf has also strongly condemned what he called "the most brutal and horrible terrorist attack. In his message to President of United States, George Bush, Gen. Pervez Musharraf said that the people and government of Pakistan deeply mourn the enormous and unprecedented loss of lives in the terrorist attack. "We share the grief of the American people in this grave national tragedy. We strongly condemn this most brutal and horrible act of terror and violence." President said the world must unite to fight against terrorism in all its forms and root out this modern day evil, "at this moment of shock and tragedy."

It is the need of the hour that all peace loving countries, believing in true nationality is mankind, should react promptly against whosoever sheds man's blood or crushes the human values. In order to inject such kind of spirit, more responsibilities rest on the developed nations to brush aside all sorts of considerations for the countries involved in violence or terror so that the smaller or developing nations could join hands against terrorism. We should realize the pinch of others also and not the bite of our own shoes alone.

It is encouraging that Colin Powell, Secretary of State has said on Friday that US would not make a distinction between terrorist organizations and those regimes and countries that sheltered them or provided help to them. He said that this message is to the Taliban as well as other regimes, to the extent they were providing sanctuary to organizations like Osama bin Laden's that were attacking civilization, was that "you cannot separate our activities from those of the perpetrators". General Powell said Osama bin Laden was one of the suspects, but investigations were continuing and there was no single organization or individual that had been identified. This seemed to dilute his categorical declaration that bin Laden was the main suspect.

In building up an international coalition, the US was looking at what was within the capacity of each country to do. If it was found that a country was providing a haven to and aiding terrorists and was unresponsive, then America's relations with that country would be affected, he indicated. He said responsiveness to the crisis was the "new benchmark" that would determine US ties with other countries.


Pakistan has its own security and economic concerns especially in the light of past experience on account of violence in Indian held Kashmir and Afghan front. The continued acts of violence in Indian held Kashmir and influx of refugees from Afghanistan and Kashmir have paralyzing effects on the economy.

Investigations into the attacks on New York and the Pentagon in Washington appear more and more to be focusing on Osama bin Laden. Now the Washington wants to use Pakistan's land to act against the suspects in Afghanistan. A list of "concrete actions" that it expects Islamabad to take in connection with the action being contemplated against those it believes are responsible for Tuesday's attacks on New York and the Pentagon. President Bush has said the United States would give Pakistan a chance to cooperate with these moves and in hunting down the terrorists responsible.

The complexities of the situation are billowing again over Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are passing a tough time of their history for revival of country's economy and to live respectfully among the comity of nations.

However, being the sufferer of such acts of terrorism, Pakistan can feel the pain of such acts of blood shed. People of Pakistan have experiences of blood shed due to Indian aggressions in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 80s on Afghanistan front in support of the United States against the aggression by the then Soviet Union. It is natural to this country to condemn all acts of inhumanity.

Whether by the Jewish groups, pampered by the Government of Israel in Palestine, by the Indian military forces against innocent Kashmiris or ghastly act of terrorism in Bosnia, right in the heart of Europe. It is the time that the US should also realize the agony of the people subjected to the violence and terror in different parts of the world.

Pakistan's sufferings on account of terror and violence are immense. On the economic front, the nation is swamped by the huge foreign debt and the poor are paying the cost. The current situation is certainly a challenge for Pakistan leadership to smooth its way to the safer zones. The nation however has always risen to the occasion in the hours of need.