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By Syed M.Aslam
Sep 17 - 23, 2001

*** "WE, THE ARABS, can distinguish between official American policy that is favourable to Israel and the peaceful character of the American people."

(Jordanian Daily Al Rai warning Israel and the Zionist lobby in the US against attempts to use terror attacks against the United States as a cover to accuse Arabs and Muslims of terrorism)

*** "MR. TENET THOUGHT that Arafat had always a role to play and there was no need to rush things."

(Prominent Egyptian journalist Mohammad Hassanein Heikal's recent article describing why CIA Director George Tenet vetoed Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon's proposal of liquidating Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat)

*** "WE WILL NOT review or publish articles based on studies that are conducted under conditions that allow the sponsor to have sole control of the state or to withhold publication."

(Editors of top US medical journals announcing the decision to not publish sponsored studies in an attempt to limit the influence of drug firms')

*** "NONVIOLENCE would work with any nation in the world but not Israel because they are a savage nation. You would only make it easier for them. They would just shoot you in front of the checkpoint."

(Father of the young Palestinian girl shot and wounded by Israeli troops dismissing the notion that nonviolence would help bring peace with the occupiers)

*** "YES, ISRAEL IS A RACIST STATE ... Never mind that the final report adopted by the Durban Conference did not explicitly condemn Israel as a racist state ..."

(Editorial of the daily Times of Oman welcoming the outcome of the UN World Conference Against Racism which concluded in Durban recently)

*** "US LEADERS must expect such a lesson because they have shown unbearable cruelty towards people, which has blown up in their face ..."

(Iraq official's comment on the kamikaze attacks in the US)

*** "*** "IF YOU don't feel apologetic for slavery, if you don't feel apologetic for colonialism, if you feel proud of it, they say it."

(US black leader Jesse Jackson criticizing UK for refusing to apologize for its part in the transatlantic slave trade at the UN summit on racism)

*** "OF COURSE today Japan is not doing well because it decided to Look East: when it looked east it saw the United States."

(Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad joking blaming 'Look East' policy for Japan's economic problems)

*** "IF THE GOVERNMENT thinks by setting up a Speaker's Corner Singapore can tell the world we have freedom of speech, that's the biggest lie."

(Veteran Singaporean opposition politician, Joshua J. B. Jeyaretnam, demanding more freedom of speech at the 'Speaker's Corner' on its first anniversary. He justified his visit saying that he came to the corner to talk about hypocrisy and not to celebrate)

*** "IN OTHER WORDS, instead of taking organs from donors, they could be grown."

(Russian Deputy Science Minister, Vladimir Knyazhev, defending a government bill to ban human cloning for only five years, stressing that therapeutic cloning techniques could provide immense benefits in the future)

*** "IF AN ACT of retaliation leads to a new destabilization, you haven't won anything at all."

(French Defence Minister Alain Richard urging the United States to think calmly before unleashing retaliation amidst its grim mood for revenge in the aftermath of the horrific suicide attacks in New York and Washington)

*** "EATING roughly 44 gm of apples clearly lowers neutral fat in blood."

(Study conducted by Japanese researcher showing that eating two apples a day reduces the blood content of neutral fat, one of the root causes hardening the arteries)

*** "I THINK they are just trying to scare me. This is regrettable and I'm very disappointed. I must insist to the Israeli authorities that we have a right to operate here."

(Commissioner General of the UN Relief and Works Agency, Peter Hansen, describing threats made by Israeli soldiers that he would be shot during his visit of occupied areas. At one point an Israeli tank turned its canon toward him and his convoy comprising five vehicles flying the UN)