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Uroosa Khan, a young Pakistani IT professional sends waves of sensation in the Music world of the United States through her heart throbbing poetic work. Cassettes and CD of songs based on her poetry, currently being developed, are likely to make valuable addition to the world of poetry.

Sep 17 - 23, 2001

Karachi born Uroosa did her Masters in Computer Science (MCS) and working as IT professional in a private Organization. Besides her MCS, she has adorned her professional carrier with various IT disciplines including MCSE.

Uroosa was one of the participants of the Poetry contest organized by Society of Poets, Washington DC for amateur poets. The judges as the prize-winning entry selected her entry and she was invited by the International society of poets to recite verses from her outstanding literary work. She, however, could not make it possible to reach the place of competition due to her preoccupations, despite having boarding, lodging and travelling facility offered by the International Library of Poetry.

PAGE: Poetry and Information Technology are two different things how did you manage to translate your ideas into poetic expression?

Uroosa: It was just natural that I started converting my passion into rhymes and poems. I did not get any training in this field; you may call it a gift from the nature.

PAGE: Would you like to tell how you entered the poetic competition?

Uroosa: Credit goes to Internet. Excited by the challenge to the amateur poetics to participate in the International symposium, I submitted one of my poems which was chosen as one of the 33 poets whose artistry is being recorded professionally as a special part of a new poetry collection. The Sound of Poetry releases on both Compact Disc (CD) and cassette tape, features to highlight the poetic talents of the new comers. Uroosa said that it was the occasion offering a Grand Prize of $20,000, the largest Cash Prize ever awarded in an amateur poetry competition. Though she could not participate in the competition however she has given her consent for recording of her poem, which was selected as prize-winning entry.

Following is the Poem, which scored, in the International Symposium:

Slow Steps
"When the sun sets, very far in the West
When the birds fly away,
To sleep in their nest,
When the flowers stop to bloom,
As they want to take some rest
In the meanwhile...
Someone knocks my heart with Slow Steps
When I see the moon, in starry night
I think of you with closed eyes
I had a dream in the moonlight...
That my steps are following your steps
In the meanwhile...
Someone knocks my heart with Slow Steps
Tears flooding my eyes,
Tears wetting my pillow
Why keep them in heart,
I want to let them flow
You flew away and I still say...
Be with me I am going to collapse
In the meanwhile... Someone knocks..."

PAGE: Being an IT professional, how do you feel about the future of a great number of IT graduates who would be coming out of various Universities and Institutes in Pakistan?

Uroosa: Actually, the real dimensions of the IT sector have yet to be explored in Pakistan: The application of this cutting edge technology has not been made in a vast majority of the organizations especially the public sector organizations and government departments, naturally because of financial constraints. It does not means that automation will not come at every stage in the federal and provincial government departments: The government departments in which e-business and automation has yet to be introduced offer tremendous opportunities both to the IT firms and the young people who will be passing out of various institutions. Hence no need to worry about the future of the IT professionals or the graduates, however the most important thing which is necessary to make room for the incoming professionals, is the quality of IT education with sound academic background. The students will have to acquire knowledge to apply it in the real and practical life. It is now the reality of life that the knowledge acquired has to be demonstrated in the practical life not merely to get through the examinations. It is unfortunate that for quite sometimes, a trend has been developed among the student community to prepare for examinations with a sole purpose to acquire a degree and not the knowledge to lead a successful professional life. Now having a degree may not serve the purpose. The IT sector has broken the myth of degrees, the IT sector demands applied nature of knowledge in its true perspectives. Those who are equipped with that kind of IT education are much in demand and will be sought after in future as well, Uroosa observed.

PAGE: What steps you would suggest to the coming IT professionals?

Uroosa: Primarily, the responsibility rests both on the education sector as well as the students. To be a successful IT professional, a strong academic background is the core need of the IT sector. Hence steps are needed to make a strong foundation right from the primary level. The private sector is doing a better job however the cost of education in the private sector is generally beyond the means of the masses. The government schools are the area where actual improvement is required both on teaching and atmosphere side.